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  1. Aria Paulsen is a Danish politician that is the party leader for The First Order (also known as Det Første Order). He is known for being one of the first politicians to wear a helmet and run for the next Danish Election. One of the things that attracted a lot of people to his attention was when he uploaded a video, warning the other political parties & politicians to watch out for a new candidate, for the next election. Background and upbringing Aria Paulsen formed one of the first danish political parties that focused on creating more jobs & buffing the military in order to leave the EU without facing difficult challenges. As he grew up in Copenhagen, he noticed that the politicians that ran the country never helped the economy by creating more jobs. As he started to do research about the matter, he also noticed that the country didn't have enough military power to support the wars they went through, yet the government still issued a decision to sent Danish troops into Iraq. Which led to tons of soldiers getting killed without a "victory" or gaining anything from it. After a year worth of research, he decided to take the matter into his own hands and formed the party. Aria Paulsen political affiliation has changed several times over the years. Aria registered for the first time to his party in 2019. Where he got himself registered as a First Order leader The First Order The First Order, also known as the Order, is an idea created by the leader Aria Paulsen. The Order would Emerge from the collapse of Denmark. And turn it into a wealthy country, whilst rapidly expanding the military. The First Order designed police uniforms, turning the Police riots uniforms into something that would protect and look good. Whilst also hiding the individuals faces in order to keep their facial expressions hidden. So that the "people" couldn't target their next trooper.
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