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  1. Photoshop 2021 has an auto colourize filter that makes it quite easy:
  2. She isn't? I was considering renewing my subscription (which I cancelled after Series 11) this month if it was any good. What's the point of her mag if she's not in it? ps. would you consider please posting the Series 12 pics? tnx.
  3. Colorized this for your pleasure. Enjoy.
  4. Me too. only 1-2 "decent" pics. Very disappointing.
  5. I think it might be the best one yet. Super sexy, evening makeup and lingerie, and proper unobstructed frontal shots. While she always has panties on, there's one shot of her laying on the side with her legs spread, and beautiful exposed chest that's just mind blowing. As always, not a lot of shots, but for me as long as there are a few in there that are phenomenal (and there are), it's well worth it.
  6. I wondered the same thing, noticed the same scar, and though I've seen my fair share of lovely natural boobs over the years, was wondering if breasts this perfect could indeed be natural? I If they do exist in the wild, they are incredibly elusive and very easily spooked.
  7. Series 3.0 is phenomenal. Natalie is phenomenal. Unreal.
  8. There's the video from the shoot: https://www.instagram.com/p/B9GdnU4Hj0L/?igshid=16gxjv6cxb2w6
  9. nah mate, sorry. It's her livelihood. Besides, I want her to post more. If they start leaking to mass distribution as fast as she releases them she'll stop... I'm sure if you'll wait long enough they'll surface eventually, or you can join.
  10. According to what Natalie wrote you get one Natalie shoot and one "different model" shoot per month, so in a couple of weeks we'll get an extra shot of some model. Though frankly, the net is loaded with naked ladies shots... I was only interested because Natalie is not just another model.
  11. I subscribed for 15$ because I find Natalie to be unbelievably perfect. I'm glad that I did, but I guess I'm kind of a die-hard fan. I've never paid for content before... You get about 15 artsy images, some more revealing and more clear then others. None are "full on, head on, no holds barred" nudes- but they are very very revealing, including a frontal bare breasts pic shot through a (very see though) cloth, and another one where she's kinda standing on her head, and a several full nudes shot from behind. I obviously would love it if I could get more for the price, but frankly I find i
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