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  1. ok, she is Marine Muller, next time I use bellazon search function first
  2. She is currently modeling for Marlies Dekkers. Please ID if you can.
  3. nuka

    NA-KD Model 2021

    thank you jkjk
  4. nuka

    NA-KD Model 2021

    Hello, please ID her if you can edit: sorry .webp format does not display edit2: converted to pictures to .jpg format nakd_melange_polo_knit_sweater_1100-003899-0138_03b.webp nakd_melange_polo_knit_sweater_1100-003899-0138_02a.webp nakd_rip_detail_zip_knitted_sweater_1660-000517-0017_03k.webp nakd_rip_detail_zip_knitted_sweater_1660-000517-0017_01a.webp nakd_round_neck_knitted_sweater_1660-000523-0392_01g-1.webp nakd_round_neck_knitted_sweater_1660-000523-0392_04a-1.webp
  5. Do you have a database with biometrical information or something?
  6. ok, I actually found some complementary images in the meanwhile
  7. Hello I try to ID the female model on the picture. The picture is used by the Mercedes Benz / Daimler Corporation on their websites as symbolic image. I haven't fond a complementary image showing the person from a different angle.
  8. Thank you very much Kim
  9. This model is currently presenting some items for the Wolford collection on their website. Please identify her, if you can
  10. She is the catalog model for the current collection of Marlies Dekkers. Please identify.
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