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  1. Anyone know where this is from?? Event
  2. "Chinq"? as in chink? isnt that racist , why would she call herself that omg
  3. What event are these photos from? Anybody know?
  4. what do you ppl see in this woman shes so bland 😱
  5. How many photos does that VS photoshoot have? I keep seeing more and more. Isn't there a page that features ALL of them in high resolution?
  6. anyone know what happened to emmas career? its like shes been stagnated for the past several years, she seemed so promising in harry potter
  7. anyone knows what event this is from
  8. Anyone knows what set this is from?
  9. thanks i also need to know the set this photo is from i need more of it im obsessed with barbara i wanna eat her poop
  10. This photo is from an Elle France September 2011 editorial, I can't find all the pics, does anyone have them? thanks!!
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