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  1. Here's a new photo from Forever21
  2. What ads and editorials has she done, any covers? All I know is that she's done a Levi's Ad.
  3. I have the website on Noemie Lenoir ( I need to update it really bad though...lol) http://noemielenoir.go.to
  4. I forgot to credit.... Credit: TheFashionSpot for the runway shows
  5. Thinking about creating a website on her
  6. Chrishell Stubbs Agency: Ford Models Age: 18 Height: 5′10″ Place of Origin: Turks and Caicos Ethnic Origin: 1/2 Caribbean and 1/2 Caucasian Birthsign: Aquarius How discovered: I was scouted on Hollywood Blvd at the Pig’n Whistle restaurant Favorite things: I love anything to do with the beach/ocean Favorite music, band: I’m open to all types of music, but I love listening to island music… it reminds me of home Hobbies: I like making friendship bracelets, and reading Favorite piece of clothing: Bikini! What’s your idea of fun? Hanging out with friends and family in Turks and Caicos Favorite modeling experience so far? Walking in the Erin Wasson show was pretty cool! What’s the best thing about your hometown/country? It is paradise Favorite artist (any kind): Too many to list! Place you would love to visit: Australia Currently you’re obsessed with/about: Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels CREDIT: MODELS.COM NEW YORK F/W 2010: Christian Siriano Cynthia Steffe Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Erin Fetherston Erin Wasson x RCVA John Bartlett Lacoste Mackage Rachel Comey Tracy Reese Vera Wang
  7. Site back opened! I'm working on updates next month http://noemielenoir.go.to
  8. If anyone has access to the large photos on next.co.uk please post them here
  9. Noemie is in the newest next.co.uk online catalogue
  10. amfAR New York Gala to Kick Off Fall 2009 Fashion Week 2009 Victoria's Secret "What Is Sexy?" Event
  11. Photos I need to finish my site on Noemie....Firstview has changed their site to where you have to have a password to see the pics The photos I have are too small on the site ( Here's The List: (as long as the height of the pics are at least 500px or larger ) Ads & Catalogs ````````````` ANN TAYLOR Loft GAP I.N.C J Crew La senza Lerners Les perles de noa L'Oreal Marks & Spencer Neiman Marcus NEW YORK & COMPANY NEXT - separate NORDSTROM Perry Ellis Redoute - separate Swatch The Limited Tommy Hilfiger Victoria
  12. I'm redoing the whole layout of the site....I'm 2 years behind on updating it so I'll be caught up by march....hopefully.
  13. Have a happy new year!

  14. Ilonka is the reason why I wanted to model, Tyra Banks is the second reason
  15. {name}

    Ime Udoka

    Pic Requests From Gettyimages..... Thanks to anyone who can help
  16. Thanks for adding more pics of Noemie....I'm going to update her unofficial fansite soon....
  17. {name}

    Ime Udoka

    Does anyone have access to Gettyimages? I have some photo requests
  18. Sorry I haven't posted in a looooong time but here's a fashion show Noemie did in Paris Marlies Dekkers Fashion Show ( Paris) September 28, 2008
  19. {name}

    Mfon Udoka

    I need photos of Mfon Udoka to add to my site from Gettyimages? Can anybody help? Does anyone have access?
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