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  1. Any gamers in here? What games do you usually play? Tell more about your preferences
  2. There are 1b Instagram users, even more use Facebook. Are you obsessed with the number of followers? Is it important for you?
  3. Awesome! I used to think that way. When you are young - you think in other way. I remember the bookthat changed my life ( maybe only college life but it doesn't matter anymore). This book is Arch of Triumph I suppose cause all my last year connected with this book. I am college student and my final exam included essay on topic from this book. I started reading and I have read all the book for about 1 month. After that I needed to write good essay ( I had knowledges and I knew what I've to write but I've not enough writing skills) so I asked for some help to do my finance assignment and I got
  4. Do you have such a book? I heard a lot of stories when books have changed lifes
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