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  1. Don’t think she had a boob job. She is very sporty so it could be natural.
  2. No, you won’t see her pussy if it’s what you want.
  3. Did someone subscribed to her online magazine on www.theseriesmag.com ?
  4. Shot by leniflashes My favorite photoshoot so far !
  5. + otherd pictures of her for her new underwear brand
  6. Natalie in Barcelona, Spain for Guess ! E53586FC-42E7-438C-B652-C209A0AC1B4A.MP4 B92D20D1-B6B9-4355-8DF9-DF79E3C7D815.MOV 913AA13A-A174-48D0-B094-55E09791D33A.MP4 871848EA-3DA7-4893-98D7-591A575DEB5B.MOV FA055688-9AEF-4806-8C80-35FB6B0FA7E6.MP4 94AD00DD-74FA-4B45-AA66-8677C1779921.MP4 102A1FBD-9382-4F9E-B813-56238C6B5F82.MP4 9A1C6B5E-A5B8-4BD3-BD7E-BDD0CD515F35.MP4
  7. Natalie’s new underwear brand ! 6D3FC04A-964F-4B2C-ABC6-387C1DB1A389.MP4
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