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  1. god I think I am falling in love huge favor for all of those who are really good at downloading I saw her clip on ftv autumn 2007/08 says thing like she's the anti model , you dont know if shes going to cry or give you punch to the face, buts that why we love her not quoting exactly but if anyone can do that rapid share thing , I would die a happy person, I cant get enough of her , I would be really greatful because I'm not good at capturing
  2. agreed, scorching, hot, sizzling, burning, on fire, sexalicious
  3. I know this upsets you, but pointing out my style of writing is not the issue... I obviously get my point across....and so now twice you demean me...if that is your way of swaying peoples thoughts on this subject over the way I write, my reason for starting this thread is because I love models and I believe they should have there place or domain in fashion magazines...yes you can appreciate actors and models but the discussion was about who would you like to see on your covers in your fashion magazines....so now I am an average joe and you imply I am not intelligent by pointing out my writing style....and you wont have to waste brain cells, thank you mbinebri for showing me what kind of person you are.
  4. Britney Spears should give you a nobel prize for that what about paris a great movie to watch , to get the feeling when celebrity started to cross over in fashion is the movie catwalk, model lovers its great, christy turlington, naomi, but there is one moment and a very young helena christensen is getting ready for valentino show, and watch her comment about sharon stone, she ended the show that season, but helena speaks quite frankly how she feels about sharon doing the show, maybe that will be my next project at a fashion week, for the models that have a moment how they feel about celebs taking there place on covers, clothing and cosmetic campaigns
  5. thank you xanessa, what you just wrote mbinebri equates models along the lines of celebrities, yet magazines still use the celebrity over the model, there are plenty of magazines where I can read about a celebrity , I do not need to in FASHION, and there are plenty of models who do causes just a couple of months ago they had irina L, alex W, carmen kass brought buissness to estonia by starting a modeling agency, helena christensen world hunger, ahh lets see the heart truth campaign where many models and celebs did the runway, gisele bundchen working within south american indians, so yes you completely compared models to actors and showed they were similiar if not the same , but you deem a movie more important to talk about in a FASHION MAGAZINE, FASHION, a magazine that is supposed to be about beauty, designers clothing, cosmetics, let me say again FASHION, where a celeb can talk about there interesting life in premiere, star, movie line, empire mag, Us , people, intouch, so you put down the people who you say I only said the interviews were, and that it would be more interesting for the public to hear about making a big movie than walking a runway the average Joe didn't watch and the clothes of which they'll never buy. so now you put down not only me but the people who regardless if they do not buy the designer clothes do watch the shows, I say you can find on most any models site pictures of them on the runway, some even use progams so you can view the show oh yeah and why is there fashion tv and WFT, , so all of us here who spend time posting pictures and videos are average joes and my comment wich took out of place is that models comeing in by the dozens, is that a model is soley judged mainly on her look, if she has a great attitude and energy about her it helps, but they have a new girl and for the men and new guy rite behind them ready to take there place, and measure the acting span of say angelie jolie, meryl streep, kim basinger, there careers last longer than most models, so excuse me if I support the models who this year maybe the new thing and by next year another girl, beauty can not be measured, but the criteria for a model is like an athlete you have to be within a certain height, weight, where in celeb land you can have kathy bates, gena rowlands and and the guys mel gibson , jack nicholson, so sorry I am not a bleeding heart for celebs in my fashion magazines, when you put back suzy parker in a meisel ed maybe I'll change my mind and my comment of haveing to covers to see who will sell, was for the purpose of just saying it and let myself be heard, and if you love celebs so much what are you doing here
  6. I love lara stone, she has an unbelievable body, and I like that she has many looks, she can have a sexy loita look to her, she can with makeup become a helmut newton girl, I love her gap, I mentioned on tfs, because she is so comfortable with her sexuality, I would love because in her earlier pic like those from sisley , I like to see her do what ana claudia michaels did for arena the whole porn star tribute to savannah, I came across a picture of dorthy stratten, I would love to see a "star 80' she has so many looks to her, I think thats what makes a great model, I see a young patti hansen, I see dorthy stratten, I see her as the famous nudes that helmut newton did, if he were alive he would defintely use her, I see bardot, she is a chamillion, and you have to love the dutch, and like some of you say I am amazed that well really took notice of her from the purple ed but this gir as so many of my favorite has the "it" factor
  7. What kind of content did you mean? From the model interviews I've read, it's always the same (uninteresting) interview over and over. Or the editorial's content has nothing to do with the model at all. I guess your mag would go out of business pretty quick. Come back from the jaded, dark side, Heather! again I say how you present the model, and all those award shows and they stop the actors what do they ask, what are you wearing? actors are dull, if I see another magazine with angelie jolie and brad pitt why they split are they split I could give a shite, celebs its all about there realationships, what they eat, how did you feel when this happened, I could care less, models do causes, models have lived in countries where there is war and there homes were blown up, but ahhhh we dont ask those questions do we of models, natalia vodianova sold fruit lived in poverty, can scarlett johannson say that, I have sat and talked to some of these models and heard incredible stuff, but thats not fluffy enough or taboo, we want to know how was rehab, do you think you will get back together,who are you sleeping with, yeah thats great journalism, maybe you just dont know how to ask the rite questions, on top of this every celebrity is a wanna be model, you think they are original, they are looking up at that catwalk and thinking I want to look like her....because models are very rare genetic gifted people, beauty that blows you away they are walking works of art, they convey in an editorial , campaign, runway an emotion with a single look, they are working with legends just as powerful as movie directors, galliano, lagerfield, mcqueen ... you want to tell me that a models life is boring, they travel all around the world , work with incredible photographers, locations, before lauren hutton turned to acting she travelled to africa, and in the 60's they were asking her about it , so diana vreeland didnt think it was dull, I have the all those vogues, verushka was the tall godess of that time, scavullo, wagenheim didnt think Gia had nothing to say, christie brinkley, cheryl teigs, brooke shields, patti hansen, the trinity, naomi, linda E, christy T, claudia , cindy, but these girls were the begining of the end for the models, because of the money aspect, because magazines, designers, cosmetics etc didnt want to pay, so from this time I call it the "the changeing of the guard" they bring in new models by the dozens, so you cant go oh yeah thats lara stone, ali michael, what girl of the moment catherine mcneil this time next year will be a different girl, the industry does not want us to become attached, favor, but thanks to fashion boards we can by pass the crappy celebrities in magazines, but I would love to issue a challange, French magazine has a series of covers with different models on the cover , one year W had many different covers of kate moss, so I challange the magazine industry, to put out two covers one with your "selling celebrity" and one with a popular model of the moment.
  8. I have not picked up an american fashion magazine I dont know in how long, so you are saying magazines like numero who are all models dont sell, french only models sell, Black magazine sells, oyster, plastique actors are mundane, you like them because actors dont have to be paid to do covers fashion is an industry after all, I just saw the campaign for jill stuart lindsay lohan WTF, great role model but I forget in the fashion industry it is chic to reward celebs for boozing it up , oh look at us we are so forgiving I look at that and think of all the models, who work there ass of , that for the most part live an healthy lifestyle but lets be chic, hell kate moss got more campaigns and layouts when she was caught doing coke, winona ryder became marc jacobs muse when she stole, so lets give boozed up lindsay lohan hit and run because she sells, no the magazine industry and the desingner make her sell, you have a choice of putting fashion back into the hands of the models, and if models dont have appeal why do we have fashion boards, magazine owners do not give us the choice, they ram down our throats celebs, how many pages do some models have on this forum how many people go out of there way to post anything there models did from camapaigns, runway, editorial , to myspace or foto log, whenever I go to fashion week and am out there with all the photographers many of them come up to me because they dont know there names and they tell me they shot carmen electra, kevin costner and I look at them and say I dont give a shite about them, fashion week is about the models, so in closing this, magazine owners some designers dont give us a choice, you dont want to give us the models...you know maybe if you did maybe for once when I am out taking pictures of all the models I dont have half the photographers in my face going "who is she"
  9. I hope somebody will answer but was thinking about this what would you choose, and u had no other choice either in fashion magazines to only have celeberities in your magazines and models only do runway, or choose models in our magazines and celebrity only in celebrity magazines what would you choose? again you only had those two options no others.
  10. how can you not love her and jeloska at tfs she is her greatest fan, she is just a great person to have on your side if you are a model
  11. well I am just glad to see kiki she really deserves it, such a fun person
  12. yes I love that picture its from her myspace, but she is on private so you have to see if you are the lucky one who she lets in
  13. cutebunny awesome, if anyone deserves a fansite is beautiful rosie and you did it everything is better when rosie
  14. I love inez vinoodh completely captures the raw sensuality of these beautiful women we call models, as for isabeli I consider one of the seven wonders of the universe, I hope one day I get to meet her at a fashion week, I have my favorties and all of them are one of a kind, Isabeli has everything, warmth, sensual, sexy, and genuine you couldnt ask for better
  15. I love fabi, and her brother is so cute he has a tattoo of her, not only is she beautiful but she is close to her family, she is earthy and real and sexy but shes the type of girl that you could just go up and talk to her she just seems really cool and nice
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