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  1. According to the dates on stock sites, these are from her New Body By Victoria launch in Soho on July 31, 2012 with Bregje!
  2. lovelace

    VS Model's ID

    I’m pretty sure she’s Ganna Bogdan!
  3. Her boyfriend (I’m pretty sure it was her boyfriend she tagged, please correct me if I’m wrong) took them during isolation, according to her Instagram post about them. So they’re technically new VS work! I’m still trying to figure out if it means she’s still an angel or not though. (Either way, I’m gonna to appreciate the new work, the shoot is beautiful). Thank you to everyone sharing new Elsa work as well, it’s always nice to see new content added to her thread.
  4. They weren’t used / advertised as angels outside of the Chinese Market, their angelhood was exclusively in China and used as a way to help struggling sales over there. So, if the American public knew them I’d be kinda surprised given they weren’t weren’t intended to / Ming and Sui weren’t ‘pushed‘ here at all. I kinda wish they were used over here more since I like them but, they were really just a marketing ploy to boost sales in China (and it shows even more now). They got their contracts after the Shanghai show, I think? Something like that. I’m sure it’s in their threads (or someone else here will have the accurate answer.)
  5. From what I can tell from the small glimpse of set Alexina posted in her stories, it looks like yesterday was indeed white wall. So the “big shoot” might not have happened yet. (Although with VS lately... a big shoot might actually just be white wall with several models - I don’t have high hopes). According to her stories though yesterday was also “day 1” so I suppose we’ll see. 🤷‍♀️
  6. I don't tend to pay that levels of attention to Romee honestly but looking through this thread there was a BTS Instagram story from Jerome Duran with Romee where he tagged VS? Not sure if it was an old one or not but that's the last I've heard of her shooting. I really don't exactly care either way... given how much time Romee has been spending with her family she is the weakest NA link so her contract not being renewed wouldn't surprise me but it also wouldn't surprise me if she's still an angel and whoever their social media intern is... just doesn't want to follow her. I've always been more of a "see what occurs over the next few weeks/months" person than "pay attention to Instagram followings" person, so I'm curious to see how things go from here. The combination she didn't seem to shoot for the project they even had Candice for and the fact the page doesn't follow her is interesting however, and does points in favor of Romee's contract ending though.
  7. Okay I don't post on here often (I just really love reading what you guys have to say) but I also want to bring up Romee did press less than a month ago for the fragrance event and was the first angel actually posted on the page. It's probably safe to not use who the page is following as an answer of who's left, given there's already errors in it's follow list. (Even though I also think it's probably safe to assume Behati and Lily are out at this point. I'd be more surprised if they're still in but I'm often disappointed and surprised with VS these days so - we'll see.)
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