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  1. she has! in like 2005 she had a big fringe. ill find the pics. not in underwear though..
  2. ^ I mean her hair roots they're brown
  3. thiago i forgot which bit you asked me for did i cap it? reask if i havent im sulking/dying in bed today
  4. ^ well she looks better blonde i went a bit crazy with the caps (and no im not drunk just hungover ) more to come
  5. The rest of that ed. (Raquel get your roots done!) She looks facially gorgeous though and her body looks good in the second one scanned by Faith Akiyama at Tfs
  6. Raquel looks crazy in those caps! thiago if you want any parts in HQ i have it on my computer i wish she'd spoken on the video!
  7. celine here we go (not uploaded by me but still!)
  8. i am so excited for kanye! and kind of for jay z. and well pretty much everything else.

    and that video will not uplaod to youtube!

    are you having a fun wkend? i am now off to play mario on nintendo 64 with my best friends boyfriend. so much fun!


  9. your festivals sound fun! esp the one in san diego, who esle is playing? raves are usally fun but i prefer all night ones rather than days. i dont exactly go to any in squats though as im not a pillhead hahhah. and you can have glowsticks!ok ill uplaod it to photobucket and try that link!stupid thing.

  10. i totally did! and there so pretty. i didnt spend that much anyway. summer here is officially june-august but we get hot weather randomly and then a day later it rains. how was your memorial day? in october you have to practically be an eskimo as its cold! in october we just start our first semester

  11. celine we never went to kfc! hah we went to nandos instead which is way more expensive. i wish i could get some shifts at my new job its been two weeks now :(. its annoying as i want the money. and my mum just gave me that lecture you cannot control your spending you dont need any new clothes balh blah

  12. i love sam sparrow duffy i like her song but not her as she looks like this b*tch i know noo not a gluglug mood, i am being relatively good as all my friends have exams until next friday . i am going to a rave with my flatmate later though. and celine you'd be happy as the ting tings are on tv singing thats not my name! speaking of alcohol ire are you going to ministry of sound. and youtube is being sooooooooooooooooooooooo slow. and by good mood i just mean happy not drunk but i just got in trouble as my mum saw my bank statement and saw all the money ive been spending in topshop and i havent started my new job yet i don't live with her atm so i have no idea how she saw it! and a brazilian model song? raquel and gisele on guitar? and agy is fame hungry
  13. i'm sure raq would get her guitar out to that sing song. and there will be something coming there were like a zillion editoirals that thiago told us about! though she so should have been in that supermodel vogue paris ed to fierce it up. does it not work celine? if im in a good mood ill put it on youtube
  14. thiago there is still numero though i doubt it! the making of valentino ss08 http://www.fashionfile.com/
  15. ^ oh that is! i thought you meant satc. (i dont care about ashton and cameron )
  16. Thank you for all those Vampire Horde. and is it just me or does kk look really pissed off in those pictures? ire it wont be a flop movie it's not allowed to be! i wish aidan was in it though.
  17. thats erin o'connor celine i am way excited for satc i still don't get why it premiered over here with a load of z listers instead of in nyc though
  18. Thank you for all those HQs Vampire Horde alot of them are new to me (thiago as i know you'll be to lazy i'll post some on tfs later ) Indiana Jones is that lame? eew i was only persuaded to maybe see it because of shia i think i'll save my money for sex and the city next week
  19. Hi Vampire Horde welcome to raquels crazy thread ! and francy you should get an award with all those scans! and has anyone seen indiana jones? i'm being persuaded to see it and am unsure whether i'll get bored?
  20. celine i added to the crazyness. also here for your viewing if it works is my friend buried in newspaper on my birthday. haha im glad im not in this picture as the security guards then tried to kick us out for burying him (haha this is the lamest picture ever)


  21. to go to coachella, your plans sound fun though mexico! you should totally go to tiuana (sorry is that how you spell it) that place in the oc with all the crazy people.

    and the ting tings will be good! no crazy british swimmers though im afraid youll have to use your own dance. hahah


  22. hows la celine? did you get your waitressing job yet. please give me some of your sun. i have all these summer clothes to wear! and i have no uni till october so getting a tan is imp.

    im not going to glasto as its meant to be lame this year im going to 02 wireless and maybe global gathering (kanye west is playing there!) or benicassm. are you going to any festivals? ive always wanted

  23. celine! i have finally recovered!I went to bed way to late so i was to late to get the kate moss dress i wanted in my size today :|. stupid hangover.

    my friend and i are going to kfc in a bit as i dont care about all that crap against it its good food sometimes

  24. stern?? maybe raquel tells people off nowadays. and hi ire !
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