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  1. Omg celine you got chased by an ostrich? hahhah. thats so funny! i got chased by a goat to once.

    how was your fake safari? did you see any giraffes and tigers. the safrai park near me has a theme park :) but noone will go as they dont want monkeys to break their car. that is also my opinion as my mum would kill me if i broke her car.

  2. ^ you mean after yves st laurent died ? or just because he's crazy? nope no gluglug since friday we had to many cocktails after satc on thurs so needed recovery. i wonder if she'll be at the cfda's tonight?
  3. and thiago i already finished classes all we do here is nothing (which is actually quite boring some days .) Karl Lagerfeld FW08
  4. thank you so much thiago ill have a change soon here are the backstage i was to dumb to c+p the link there are four more backstage left that dlewis can get on celebcity Stella McCartney FW08
  5. FW Backstage Isabel Marant /monthly_06_2008/post-13584-0-1446020942-16687_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2778003" alt="post-13584-0-1446020942-16687_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="150.56">
  6. I'm here! i went to see my grandma :lol: how are you guys? thiago i love your sets if you have time can you make me a vogue nippon avatar? thank you! and have these been posted here?
  7. Thank you so much francy! gorgeous set as well thiago do you feel like making some new raquel sets soon ?
  8. Raquels Beauty secrets from French Vogue scanned by vankun at tfs
  9. ^ a translation of that by min-sh at tfs i wonder if that means she has been in japan for two months this year or that she was in japan for two months. and a meisel rosebush shoot i wonder if thats an early one? maybe her first vi cover
  10. Numero Tokyo July 2008 ph Alex Cayley does anyone speak japanese ?
  11. OMG celine/ire the sex and the city movie is AMAZING. it is not a let down at all! ps. this isnt even going off topic as if raquel is normal she will watch satc
  12. it has a sign coming out of the middle! and flies kept biting my legs. it was all those canadian geese which scare me as one bit me when i was like 5. so i was like i want to go home! how is la now? is is still as gross and rainy? i hope you havent been playing as much beerpong. hahaha.

    are you going out at all this week? im going to satc tomorrow :)!


  13. i got them off shoebuy, as there were big discounts due to memorial day they wre only like

  14. Omg i forgot about that video! i should try and find it. did you like their music? they were quite good live esp as there were only like forty of us there.

    celine i got my new minnetonkas yesterday! they are so comfy. my friend was like whats with the wierd indian boots. i told him to go die

  15. and another article. I wonder if she will show at the awards? also this article calls her a brunette. i will give it a chance
  16. Thank you Vini that cover is lovely even though her head doesnt look like its on her body
  17. ^ ooh i hope raquel gets lots of work whilst daria is off sailing round the world anyway does anyone here have a wwd account? (hint celine at fidm ) as in this article it talks about how raquel is in a book for the CFDA people. and there may be pics. here is the link http://www.wwd.com/notavailable/dotcom?tar...2=searcharticle
  18. i agree thiago! the g sucks all over raquels face and eyes. i like her outfit though. and if her numero tokyo cover is half as nice as snejanas i will be very happy celine i am blatantly william shakespeare my home is like 20 minutes away from stratford and thank you orba! ive never seen those before
  19. the cover in HQ (the text placement is terrible!) Vogue Nippon July 2008 ph: Inez and Vinoodh scanned by Dieselmax at tfs ps. thiago! where art thou?
  20. and shes also on the cover of the new numero tokyo!
  21. celine i capped most of that moment ill do some more in a bit. but more exciting right now. shes on the cover of Vogue Nippon July in chanel
  22. yes thiago tabitha your fave even her new wierd brown hair is better than tabitha and thank you for the caps. ire here is some raq in a vs catologue.
  23. ^ noo thiago if she was in vogue us she'd be jumping and have on a gross wig Raquels in the new Interview. its an andy warhol themed ed i think shes meant to be one of the factory girls
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