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  1. I hadn't noticed the borders thiago don't worry it looks fine but thank you! she may just be friends with the spur editor or she may be getting a cover and i hope she makes that ed!
  2. thiago other questions. when did you start modelling? and anything about guitar blah blah blah. i think she said she wanted to go but it depended on other work and another site said pay was being sorted out. so basically it depends if shes offered something better and if she's paid alot anyway Michaa Spring Summer 2008 scanned by vankun I'd forgotten about this lovely campaign!
  3. i was so blah i drove my flatmate crazy so he took me out to eat and to the cinema!

    omg your safari pics are amazing celine! it looks so much fun and i think the monkey pics deserve an appreciation society haha

    what are you up to today off to the beach doing fun la things? drinking vodka hhaha? im babysitting later for money. :/


  4. im proud youve never passed out! have you seen satc at this point or are you still to poor? ive now seen it twice! we went to cure our hangovers last night

  5. eww the crazy pictures are so gross though i look bright red as ive drank to much. it was to much vodka and gin and lemonade. basically what we could get our hands on hahha.

    oh god on thurs i was so ill i didnt get up for ages so i felt sorry for myself all day haha im sure you know the feeling. though your way better behaved than me celine

  6. i didnt know hilary duff sang that! i forgot she was a big music star in the us. i can see how that ruined the show. ive never seen the first episode i only really watch reruns when im bored. what shows do you watch ire?


  7. Balmain FW08.09 Jean Paul Gaultier FW08.09
  8. ^ i dont think they made it up thiago once site said they had seen pictures of her there. . and soem backstage stuff Stella McCartney FW08
  9. accent shes from the same place as me she just goes to uni there.

    i like the welsh accent my grandma used to take me to wales every year to the seaside :).

    and last night i was dancing and the first song i heard was the ting tings! i thought of you. haha


  10. i do watch to much cable! but celine there must be some bad shows you watch? surely! what shows do you like?

    good luck with your finals celine! im sure youll do fine i dont want the results to mine!

    goats are not good! and i had a snowsuit on that was not a good day!it is sunny but today i was to ill to go outside so i stayed in bed.

    she doesnt have a welsh

  11. celine where are those pictures of you smiling with an elephant on bz peeps! i posted a picture of me as alice holding some vodka for you. but none of me dancing as they are to bad! maybe for a crazy pics day. my friend dressed up as a rasta with a wig. he even tied it back hahhaha

  12. super sweet 16 is good! hahahha i like the bratty kids and when people like kanye west come.

    i know you love it ire :)


  13. ^ is she in pirelli francy? Andys Girls
  14. however she is in the roberto cavalli fw08 campaign scanned by manuva at tfs
  15. it'll be nice to have some new people around! im a bit bored atm so she will bring fun. what are you foing this weekend? going to any crazy la parties.

    im still jealous of that safari.

    hope la doesnt have any hurricanes its sunny today!


  16. ill post a picture for you tomorrow. im meant to be getting ready but im just watching super sweet 16 (i wish i was that spoiled!) yes i watch that show i know its lame! haha

    im going to london to go shopping of course :) and maybe to madame tussards. my friend sereen is coming back from wales which is exciting!

  17. i have been chased by a dog! no wonder i dont like many animals that much. i do like dogs though. and the goat stole all the feed! my mum still brings up that story.

    i couldnt do sexy like raquel im going as alice in wonderland. i even made an apron today out of a pillowcase.

  18. i haven't bought the mag as i like celine have no idea where to get it. it is also a mens magazine i think?
  19. I dont think we've seen these in this quality Hercules S/S08
  20. celine you've never puked or passed out? you good girl i assume raquel was working or did not want to go to an awards where she was the present?
  21. whaat this place went crazy. celine have you been doing it with raguel? and i dont have a that great tolerance for alcohol. but ire what drink are you offering?
  22. SATC was amazing it was so funny and the clothes were :heart: i have no idea if she wore le smoking, i wouldnt be suprised if people wore vintage yves last night though. but i dont think stefano pilatli was up for an award. and ire i wish i lived with my grandma! and celine yours is gangster?
  23. ps why are you going to ny? im jealous im going to london next week but that is not the same! are you going for fashion week?

    and mosquitoes do bite all the time here!

  24. i have a fancy dress party this week! its a or j i think im going as an angel as i cannot afford a costume!

    atm my friend and i are bored and watching dawsons creek. later im cooking a vegetarian recipe :/.

    and did you see satc yet? what did you think!


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