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  1. ^ there are no ruy pictures celine! i think the press were less crazy this time.
  2. ^ i am not in a coma! i thought i would be but i sobered up a bit before bed as my friend was sick on me anyway i translated.
  3. ^ spfw says shes coming! so i think that means she is! and celine my friend was totally mad that we were laughing to loud i think it was because she'd been at work and wanted to make her dinner in peace without me.
  4. thiago post here as well as tfs! and i am giving you the job of some spfw pics as im going out tomorrow night and plan to get home friday morning and sleep all day and raquel has an ed with daria in vogue us july and there is no wig! ps celine my sober friend just kicked me out of the kitchen for laughing to hard at my magazine so i had to come back to bed
  5. ps. have you heard aggys song?

  6. ire!

    where are you?

    hope your ok :)


  7. s hot. he kind of is. but i have to try beer pong!

    are you out of school yet?

    i havent been crazy properly yet but were making brazilian cocktails tomorrow so we'll see. yest i was to worked up about my exam results so stayed a bit sober. haha now im still drunk and im going to read about sienna miller in my magazine. haha


  8. sorry that story took forever. but seriously i needed your ghetto friend! raquel lives in brooklyn though at least shes not a hipster. god imagine seeing someone like raquel when you went to get milk in the morning. now that'd make me feel good.

    i saw beer pong the other day! it was on greek, have you ever seen that show it was ok. my friend made me watch it as she thinks cappie i

  9. she was like hiiii all fake. it was so bad as you know you want to look good when you see people you havent seen for a year. and i was drunk so was babbling. bad times. but i made my hot friend pretend to be my bf so at least they thought i had a hot boy hahaha.

    but seriously that girl and i have not got on since we were 11 and she was with other people who are nice but i didnt want to see

  10. Celine! where are you? are you partying or studying or am i just to blind to notice you viisted raquels thread like yesterday. hahha.

    i passed all my exams! i celebrated all afternoon and decided i wanted a magazine and chocolate. so i went to the newsagents looking like crap no make up my flatmates jumper bad hair and i saw this bitch from school

  11. celine the coco and raquel is for you. haha i am wasting time as i dont want to go and see if i passed my exams Viktor and Rolf FW0809
  12. i promise crazy pics hahha


  13. ive never met anyone from williamsburg but i do love hipsters. not that i could be one. i like aggy atm but if i wore what she did the fashion police would lock me up. hahaah

    eww celine i get my exam results in two days! im so going to fail :/.

    are you all done yet?

    if i lived in la we could party to celebrate. hahaa im going out with one of my craziest friends tomorrow and wed

  14. omg as if he said that to your friend. haha at you and your ghetto friend. i would have liked to see you guys challenge him.

    oh and back to big dont you love it when he goes 'welcome home baby' in the movie. imagine having a bf that would make you that closet! actually imagine having those clothes.

    you can surf celine? wow what does your board look like?

  15. omg no aidan in season 4 all the way. he has that southern twang! a bit of a southern accent is so hot! i would marry him

    ugh i hate forced bfs to! although im sure you would go for raguel anyway hahahahh ;). ill jyst see over the summer i do like having a bf to pass time but i get bored easily!

  16. shes going to be at spfw? i hope so! when is the animale show? thiago ill make you a deal about boring translating, me and free translation will do some of the interviews (i may have to ask you what things mean) and you do the videos? and i understand questions like how does it feel to be number one? and how did you start modelling do NOT count
  17. anyway any crazy celine stories? i bet your partying out in la arent you?! i wish i was in la right now haha


  18. are you a big girl?

    your friends moving to ny? wow! my friends are mostly back now! but ny at least you can go and visit! haha go and see all those brooklyn hipsters ;).

    i however am bored of couples right now! they are being all boring and in love. my friend says i should get a bf but i dont have the attention span!

  19. did you have salt and vinegar and ketchup? fish and chips is not the same without ketchup! are your finals done yet? ive been busy this week we went on a bar crawl to a ball and to a music festival and its been sunny :)! i was getting tan but now its cold again! im glad you liked satc i loved it i wish i was carrie! although i would have married aidan

  20. im babysitting again tomorrow but at somewhere without sky plus! so i wont be able to watch good shows.

    and fish and chips is yummy isnt it! im going to my friends for dinner and i know she wont feed me anything that good but im to poor to order takeout!

  21. another Michaa ad. scanned by vankun
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