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  1. it also means i get to wear nice clothes to work! and meet hot art boys! they are almost as attractive as boys in bands. though i know nothing about art! the viper room, i think ive heard about that place. what kind of music do they play? make sure you dont drink to much! hahha

    well i was pretty ill when she got back from work i had to eat soup for dinner

  2. lol tfs was quite rude. i mean what they were saying was true. i agreed but they sort of went into attack mode and i was like okaaaaaaay dont be horrible! its when a more 'important' member goes into attack. oh well. in the art gallery i will do crap things like show people round and work at the desk.

  3. the hail was so gross its now just gray.

    and celine if your a waitress your on your feet all day! but i guess it pays well. i have an interview at an art gallery!

    are you working all week or as ire puts it gluglugglug haha?


  4. rabbits or something? i suck so bad at that! i havent worked much over the last week or so im upping the shifts so i can live this week though and i should get away from tfs as well people are way rude on there right now. they were just so rude to thiago! :/.

  5. i am pretty independent when im there. but when im home i get to be way lazier and to see my mum more. but last week i drank loads and spent the day throwing up and i was so glad my mum was at work. you dont want your mum to know your that bad! wii was fun actually except her brother was like you two are so rubbish. i beat her by far though. i dont usually on the rabbits game you mean raymans

  6. i love sidereel with a passion i watched one tree hill on it yesterday! eww yes i know i watch that show. and gossip girl is back in the us tomorrow! and the hills. when i go back to my flat my friend and i are going to watch tv shows in our pjs

  7. i im going to thrash her on mario. as you can see procastination already.

    are you working at your korean shop this weekend? watch every episode of skins free on



  8. wearing a hoodie. the one side of me was SO cold. my friend has gone back to bristol now to the dan humprey wannabe :(! which means i have to move out of my double bed back into my practical box room soon. hahha my room is small at uni! i will think of some british slang for you. your super busy then! i should be writing a russian lit essay but instead im going to my friends to play wi

  9. I've seen the digital shorts :)! thats why we watched the movie. i love lazy sunday, adn that one where he dances and punches people. and lazer cats! andy samberg should get more movies. oh god we managed in the hail by being under one umbrella and each

  10. my friend and i got hailed on the other day when we watched hot rod. do you like andy samberg? he makes me laugh so much.

    hope you are being more productive than lazy me! are you back at fidm? i go back next week


  11. i do not say 'safe' often lol!. omg celine you have to watch skins i watch it every monday even boys love it! i used to like it as people said i looked like cassie but now i just like it! its more realistic than gossip girl though. but i love that show! sunset sounds good though.

  12. celine i seriously bet your pictures are not worse than some of mine. i dont know how i pull such strange faces!

    do you have firstview access? i just made an account for research and it wont let me pay :/

    did you have a good weekend?


  13. but my friend and i did drink ALOT including vodka slush. there were even lots of hot british indie boys ;). i have such a thing for them.

    ugh you do not want to see my facebook pics they are vile! i want to write on them I DONT LOOK LIKE THIS. haha.

    i bet you have none as bad as that!


  14. the seller put them back up so i got them today :)! im now wasting my money bidding on chanel.

    i would not be able to do a striptease class without laughing! i can never do anything seriously. i am so hungover its unbelievable

  15. becuase im poor :( i cant afford to spend

  16. and lost the item! theres no snow now its just raining so my friend is taking an umbrella tonight. apparently itll be hot indie boy central though which is always good times. i went out last night and my friend tagged me in the worst pictures ever i look like a gremlin. what are you up to this weekend?


  17. a striptease class! hahah celine. i would have liked to see you get kicked out.

    im going to the club opening in like an hour but im not dressed yet. im annoyed though as some stupid person just outbid me on ebay! how dare they. i got distracted showing my mum how to bid on a chanel bag

  18. i know what you mean about dumb boys. the ones i knoew seriously would only notice things like your chest getting bigger nothing else. have fun at the beach!

    i know what you mean about payday im so broke. :/


  19. well the boys are impressed by her cooking. if its me they'd probably be like whatever as all i'd cook would be toast. i made fajitas once and that went down well. i hate sharing food with boys though as they eat it all.

  20. if i try to cook for a boy or girl something usually burns as i get distracted or im being silly. aaw at the aa tshirt!thank you. have fun at the beach i expect to share drinking stories. hahah


    ps. 12 hours! :/

  21. the holidays and feel guilty. i havent been to a good club opening before so im excited. your lucky to be able to go to the beach it was snowing here yesterday! my friend is so lucky being able to cook well for guys, they are like charmed by her

  22. Well in the first year at my uni you live in like a dorm then after that you have to live in a house. and the rent is way expensive! it practically is in the ghetto with lots of pubs and takeaways. i usually just bum of my mum in

  23. in alabama so it isn't that english! its ok though but where we have to live next year as we move to a house from student flats is so gross! i so do have to work out otherwise i get chub. i hate exercise as well.

    are you out this week? im going to a club opening as my friends dating the organiser. hahax

  24. answering your q in the thread. topshops more expensive than h&m but not by much and the clothes are nicer so its ok. the kate moss stuff is way over priced though and not even nice anymore! well my friend cooked and her cooking was good but not my kind of food so i was like :/. there is a birmingham

  25. ps. agreed on the unposed photos, ive never posed for a typical myspace photo ever. i dont know why! i only photography drunk thats the problem! i updated your wha are you wearing thread but i look bad in the photos!

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