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  1. Kate Kate Laetitia Kate Overall Kate.
  2. ^ francy claudias in a black wig for chanel maybe that was it? she had a blonde wig in the candids. and a polaroid from tank magazine and a top model article. scanned by agneslo and vivalereine at tfs /monthly_07_2008/post-13584-0-1593841417-29066_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="Scan0008.jpg"> and i am not pleased she didnt do chanel!
  3. 3 jobs! celine you must be going crazy! what are you doing?

    i asked you about edc via pm but i want to know about the crazyness!

    and i didnt wake my mum up so she didnt kill me im going out tonight though so its likely i wont be alive tomorrow. shes driving me crazy anyway so i dont care hahaha


  4. oh it probably won't be in vogue uk , however sasha has an ed in it! and she must be at chanel tomorrow i insist! and i do inist as i worked over 12 hours today and am now going to bed. ps. ill post the pictures if they appear thiago as i assume you will be asleep over in brazil when the show happens.
  5. thiago fendi fw is always later than fendi ss. and i want to see lanvin :trout:!
  6. did you bother to check your grades? its a week since i got mine which is wierd! are you going on your cruise to mexico in the end? not that you need to worry about the beach anyway! my friend has not yet bought me shoes she gave me 10 pounds for some chinese food though. hahhaha

    are you having a crazy celine week or working?


  7. so maybe i wont trip over my shoes like i have before etc. and im never sick till she leaves for work!

    you look like you were celebrating in bz peeps with your smoothie cocktail! did you see all those men claiming your friends! oh i have had plenty of friends that havent been let in and then manage to be sick over the side of a taxi! i generally wait till the morning

  8. celine are you turning into a groupie! if you plan to stalk a british band and come over here. hahha

    im back home with my mum now, she is annoyed im going out tonight as i will wake her up when i return. however im not drinking to much as i have to babysit tomorrow!

  9. ^ She would have shot for the cover months ago thiago, i think this is a new vogue nippon thing. and remember the spur editor pictures a few weeks ago. well spur is based in japan and i hope it means chanel HC. or at least something chanel!
  10. thiago i love chanel eyewear the most! my favourite campaigns are gap, chloe ss07 and dolce and gabbana ss06 and Heroes Welcome coverage from the MET scanned by jssy4eva and an interview
  11. i think if gucci or fendi asked her she wouldn't say no. but paris has the most 'prestige' i guess due to it having the old houses. as long as she walks chanel and balmain ill be happy. i wonder if she'll be at couture in a week.
  12. Sorry thiago i was out otherwise i would have translated! so it looks like like gemma she will only do paris these days. i was hoping she may do fendi/gucci in milan again soon.
  13. thank you thiago! its nice that the video's are a bit different this time!
  14. its ok thank you again for the translation and another cute picture!
  15. there is no carol ed. there is an agy ed though! and 12 pages on the MET gala. ps. i just noticed the raguel above your ava
  16. the brazilain cocktails were strong! and tasted good when you were drunk not so much if you were sober.

    what are you up to this weekend? i hope its hot there its FREEZING here despite the fact everyone else seems to think its warm. ahahha


    ps. i see you have an admirer in bz peeps haha

    pps. aggys song is ok but her voice is bad!

  17. she is totally buying me more shoes. congrats for ending classes! i bet your so happy have you been celebrating?? how were rilo kiley? ive always wanted to see them. and your shorts are cute in those pictures. when are you off to your festivals? and greek is good well now my friend made me get a crush on cappie to it is. if there is hot boys and drama i will generally watch anything. hhahah

  18. you should have been there to be like i got knives though. hahha one of my best friends was there when i got there and she was so drunk she got kicked out at 11pm and was sick on me so i had to take her home in a taxi and come back! she was sick on my new shoes as well thank god i didnt wear heels out. if you saw her celine you would be glad your well behaved compared to that!

  19. celine i posted some pics for you. there not amazing though as the worst ones are to bad to post on a public forum hahaha so there are only pics from before the club. i saw that girl again last night i swear she is a stalker hahhaa. i was only wearing jeans and a blouse as well. as i left the flat in a skirt and vest top and got so cold i walked home from the first pub we went to and got changed

  20. Animale Backstage and celine ive now fully recovered i found some strange pictures on my camera! i may post some for you later as promised.
  21. US Vogue July 2008 Adult Education Ph: David Sims Scanned by idolfan8890
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