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  1. your festivals sound fun! esp the one in san diego, who esle is playing? raves are usally fun but i prefer all night ones rather than days. i dont exactly go to any in squats though as im not a pillhead hahhah. and you can have glowsticks!ok ill uplaod it to photobucket and try that link!stupid thing.

  2. i totally did! and there so pretty. i didnt spend that much anyway. summer here is officially june-august but we get hot weather randomly and then a day later it rains. how was your memorial day? in october you have to practically be an eskimo as its cold! in october we just start our first semester

  3. celine we never went to kfc! hah we went to nandos instead which is way more expensive. i wish i could get some shifts at my new job its been two weeks now :(. its annoying as i want the money. and my mum just gave me that lecture you cannot control your spending you dont need any new clothes balh blah

  4. celine i added to the crazyness. also here for your viewing if it works is my friend buried in newspaper on my birthday. haha im glad im not in this picture as the security guards then tried to kick us out for burying him (haha this is the lamest picture ever)


  5. to go to coachella, your plans sound fun though mexico! you should totally go to tiuana (sorry is that how you spell it) that place in the oc with all the crazy people.

    and the ting tings will be good! no crazy british swimmers though im afraid youll have to use your own dance. hahah


  6. hows la celine? did you get your waitressing job yet. please give me some of your sun. i have all these summer clothes to wear! and i have no uni till october so getting a tan is imp.

    im not going to glasto as its meant to be lame this year im going to 02 wireless and maybe global gathering (kanye west is playing there!) or benicassm. are you going to any festivals? ive always wanted

  7. celine! i have finally recovered!I went to bed way to late so i was to late to get the kate moss dress i wanted in my size today :|. stupid hangover.

    my friend and i are going to kfc in a bit as i dont care about all that crap against it its good food sometimes

  8. are you going away this summer right now? not that you need to living somewhere with a beach! anyway i better go to bed after all my slush drinks and i have that song in my head! hahaga


  9. there were no hot boys at all though, only mu flatmate who doesnt count! why does fidm finish so late? my flat girls are pretty crazy but none came out last night as for some reason my exams finished way earlier than anyone elses. have you been going to any crazy beach parties?

    im jealous of the heatwave its cold here but it looks like it may be getting sunnier so i can work on my tan.

  10. i cant belive that i know her! did you ever go and see the ting tings? i saw them ages ago at a festival there really good live. i havent been to sleep yet as my friend and i were talking in the kitchen for ages, i had fun though but have lost my ability to hold my alcohol so i got drunk really fast.

  11. OMG celine! i know one of those girls. the one at the front with the frizzy hair she went to my school! hahahha.

    im glad to say i have never done that as im not in a swimming team. when i go swimming i always end up fighting with my friend abbie as we both have dyed blonde hair and if you get to much chlorine in it it goes green. so no crazyness

  12. celine! hows your head?

    if you ever come to england/birmingham i will make you an ice lolly vodka drink they are so yummy!


  13. have you found any hottie indie boys lately?

    i havent seen any for to long just the shirtless boys outside my flats window. the heatwave is gone now so i cant sunbathe its raining which sucks!

    i wish i lived in la! how is the korean store?


  14. im still jealous you went to prada on rodeo we dont have a prada store in bham! i want to go to a chanel store. what have you been up to celine? been partying? i will have crazy stories soon.

    and dawsons creek is good! you would love it celine im going to watch it with the rasberry muffins i made later. they are so good.

  15. i think i better try some beer pong celine! we usually play i never or ring of fire i never is so bad as sometimes i just drink as im thirsty.

    im not going out for a few days though as im going home as everyone else has exams. im going to be fed!

  16. thiago messages arent working for me

    but this is cryptic enough for you.

    on tfs' model behaviour thread it said something about half of dnas board moving to IMG!


  17. thank you! <3

    i saw your signature i hope everything is ok with you and that you and your gorgeous baby are well :)


  18. ps. where is irene? is she coming back!

  19. after may 17th im going wild. but the problem is everyone else will be revising then as my exams are way early. its sunny here to!

    omg celine dawsons is so good! my friend and i are watching it all and were now on season 4. if you lived here id make you watch it.

    how was the prada store get kicked out of there? haha


  20. celine! have you been shoplifting you winona you. hhaha. and smirnoff apple well at least its yummy.

    what is beer pong?

    i am hating not going out last night they went to all you can drink! and im not even revising that well my frist exam is a week away. oh dear.

    my friend was even commenting i hadnt been hungover in to long!

  21. was crazy crying at our door last night so we barricaded ourselves in my room whilst they had 'the conversation' it was so embarassing. i also needed the loo and couldnt go as well as we dont have en suite.



  22. it was when pacey and joey get together and we were quite excited as neither of us watched it till chad michael murray was in it.

    lame i know.

    can you hear better now? or have you been taking my gluglug name this week. i didnt even drink at the pub!

    what are you up to this week? there are dramz here atm my friend broke up with his gf who is also basically out neighbour and she

  23. i am not looking forward to my exams. i have decided they should go die.

    he was not trying to impress me well i dont think he was. today we went to the pub for food and im going to revise later. seriously my friend jess and i had a dawsons marathon today and shouted at the tv. so unconstructive. but pacey is so cute!

  24. Ire

    where are you!?


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