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  1. raquel has been working OUT this season she also did marc jacobs last night! thank you so much vampirehorde for all these wonderful HQs
  2. ill look for them there at vsfs 2006. and there are three more pics from the ck party on pmc. including one of her with michael roberts
  3. Alexander Wang ire i think she is friends with gisele, the only pictures i can remember of the two of them has kk in giving raq bitchy looks
  4. ^ i know! no raquel at carolina herrera! hopefully we'll see her later today maybe.
  5. so much better thank you vampirehorde. carolian hererra was at 10am nyc time, proenza will be early evening and marc jacobs around 8/9 pm
  6. thiago will get this i wish that raquel is at carolina herrera and marc jacobs today. (and i wouldnt mind proenza ) well i hope she does more than alexander wang anyway!
  7. ^ celineeeeeeeee and i'm excited she did alexander wang i love him! and she opened alexander wang
  8. ^ Raquel i love you and all but wash your hair, put on some make up and a dress your at a party! her and lily did have the same boots on though. wonder if they will be doing the same show at some point .
  9. Saks Fifth Avenue Fall 2008 ph Paola Kudacki lebook and two unseen Hercules shots.. defacto and a new VS Shot victoriassecret
  10. Don't Bug Me Photographer: Fabien Baron Stylist: Karl Templer Model: Raquel Zimmerman scanned by jssy4eva Free Image Hosting by ImageBam.com the pictures are not cropped like the thumbnails! and her polaroid in HQ
  11. fendi, cavalli and polaroids. /monthly_08_2008/post-13584-0-1446021150-64471_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2784165" alt="post-13584-0-1446021150-64471_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="129.29">
  12. Good luck with your surgery celine!

    i will reply to your message tomorrow after ive gone to the crazy storage place


    ps my friend wants jean claude to!

  13. A preview (apparently) of Vogue Paris September 2008 http://erickert.blogspot.com/2008/08/gold-...ench-vogue.html
  14. Vogue China September 2008 scanned by aja_mok gorgeous!
  15. FTV Model Talks FW 08.09 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKFEvcf1KeY

    a grasshopper!

    celine! there are to many bugs in the world.


    ps. i had a bee on my bed the other day i almost cried. haha

  17. ^ it is the US allure julia stegners in there to! and hana. but carrie underwood is on the cover and IRENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome back to this thread. how are you? ps shes not zasper shes a twilight vampire
  18. thiago! i assume youve gone to the beach new lanvin and Allure September 2008 "Rich Flavors" Ph. Michael Thompson Fashion Editor: Paul Cavaco all scanned by faith akiyama at tfs
  19. New fendi and lanvin scanned by skywire and jssy4eva
  20. congratulations auntie! you must be so proud

    im just off out to the pub but ill send you a message when i return.

    miss you!


  21. missing you celine!

    and lol at we smoke fags in your list.


  22. ^ i think the last thing anyone would call me is good noo now i wish for more septmeber covers and eds (meisel wouldnt be bad though ) and celine where are youuuuuuuu!
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