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  1. She looked so good at that party! thiago i cant see her getting versace! but i wish she gets lots of campaigns and if she ever got chanel that would be a dream!
  2. Fendi Palazzo full commerical http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=KlhM-feSE_I making of http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=lAmKEy6B8F0
  3. celebcity still works it just isnt that uptodate. how is everyone? i want that self service issue!
  4. celine where are you these days facebook me! Chloe S/S 2009
  5. Balenicaga S/S 09 Yves Saint Laurent Couture 2002
  6. camilla is here ire , sorry i just have to work alot . how are you? Isabel Marant S/S 09 Dior S/S 09
  7. ^ its jamie burke ire. model/'friend' of the stars he has dated kate moss, sienna miller and lohan and the ring may be fake
  8. she has a new ed by demarchiler in vogue paris and a preview of interview october 2008. scanned by t-rex at tfs this looks goooooooood! though eewww at the nipple ring
  9. ^ thats when you first saw raquel thiago?! were you ale spotting? i did at louis vuitton ss06. I agree with fery i want that balmain dress. i'll say it here as the thread on tfs for the mag has turned into why does snejana not have the cover blah blah. thiago made a good comment though Vogue Nippon september 2008 edit and hope she appears in milan this week!
  10. ^ anna wintour you mean Vogue Russia October 2008
  11. ^ wow i like that ad. thank you so much vampirehorde
  12. i love you celine! Christopher Kane S/S 09 © :
  13. ^ Noooooooo i'd hunt her down i can't believe she is doing london though (and stam/lily/mariacarla) i thought they'd be to big. i hope shulman takes notice and finally puts her in british vogue. (she needs to hurry up with that )
  14. ^ Thiago omg i wish i could but i don't have the money to go to london this week! if met her though i may go crazy. otherwise id go stalk down the giles show. Julien Macdonald S/S09
  15. vampirehorde you are actually a star on here mega scans of that ed would be amazing but only if you have time!
  16. Luella S/S 09 and Car Shoe F/W 08.09 scanned by blackangel1999 at tfs
  17. ^ I doubt it, it was very flat at alexander wang in that swimsuit. if she is though good for her and ruy!
  18. ^ No pictures yet though . and she did no shows yesterday :trout: i hope she shows at ck/zac posen/hilfiger today. many many fingers crossed
  19. i will wish for you ire when fashion week is over . zim needs lots of shows, eds and covers from my magic first. and celine my wish today is no hangover tomorrow edit: i dont know if she was at kors but she is djing for vmagazine tonight! i hope shes at oscar or anna sui though.
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