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  1. anyway celine how have you been? any crazy celine stories i could do with one i have three big exams soon :(



  2. i did go to snobs though which was good have you been to the house of blues yet?

    i think its good i didnt cook! im not to bad but still tonight my pasta was not yummy. i ate a chocolate mousse and dreamed of chanel bags whilst reading heat (like people/us weekly) instead.

    i will own a chanel 2.55 one day! i want one so bad i have since is was like 5 but i dont have thousands!

  3. celine! :)

    i am so achy and gross i have no idea why. my leg muscles are all siezed from working out and my neck hurts. so instead of revising im on here.

    how was your wkend did you see baby mama? i didnt get moccasins im going to buy them online (so comfy!) i did buy alot of food though. then we got in troube for not getting the right juice so we went to kfc.

    stupid people.

  4. hi guys ! Printemps HQ scanned by Marcel
  5. i hate long flights! this summer im going on holiday with my friends to europe but i dont think the fashion cities as i need a beach and a tan!

    hope work wasnt to bad? are you off to the viper room this week im going to snobs tonight which should be disgraceful..!

    how was baby mama is that the film with those snl women in?right im off to buy some minnetonkas and some food and

  6. gosh i forgot you called flats apartments over there. except its not really an apartment as its to gross. celine youve been fighting in toilets!! you can fight those bodyguards then when you get kicked out of macys. haha i have never had pbj i think it must be an american thing as my american friend eats them. at least youll be with lots of people to party with and have company on the plan

  7. oh it wasnt jam it was jelly like your jello the wobbly stuff? it was so yummy. its nearly all gone now as for some reason we have NO food here and noone cba to go to the supermarket as its ages away. so we are living on bread and parents supplies last night i had nachos for dinner. later i think ill go to tesco so i can cook a real meal.

  8. She has that animale contract for like six seasons/six years so i doubt it. She didn't wear animale on elle brazil before and as its the 20th anniversary addition they could have made her a special dress. but it doesn't look liek shes wearing any of that wierd horse collection that animale did. i hope she has an ed/article inside, you'll have to get your translater out thiago and celine there is another street style pic of her in a miu miu dress if you need anymore
  9. with gisele, isabeli and emanuela it probably is a sexy calender. i'm not sure about candids maybe gisele will have the paparazzi follow her especially if she brings tom brady , im sure the pics appeared last year in chinese vogue and i dont think there is a botswanian vogue. and well that was major procastination i was meant to be packing and doing an essay, more than just normal bz distractions.
  10. working or chilling this weekend?


    ps. is my streetstyle compilation ok?

  11. there is literally half the room here. but to make it better my friend and i are going to eat the jelly my grandma made me not that i want to share it with him but it looks yummy. celine youll love london do you get to go with other people? as its always fun if you go with friends.

    crazy girls in toilets scare me as do toilet attendents.

    im going to have some jelly and tv now :). are you

  12. oh god i would be the worst person in a fight. i wouldnt be useful at all. well some of the 5 girls are close friends and one is my bff from school who is also my neighbour at uni. i am now back at uni but im super tired from packing. now my rooms full of crap that im to lazy to put in my wardrobe

  13. I hope for some love for that compilation. i do like to waste time/procastinate don't I . and thiago last year there were pirelli candids but i think that was because it was set in china, but that pirelli shoot was bad anyway
  14. Celine i'm meant to be packing! Raquels Streetstyle
  15. here to see the organiser in the toilets and this girl came up to her. and then when the girl came out of the loos my friend was talking to her bf. and she went crazy! my friend did not know who this guy was. there are some wierdos here.

    hope your friends dont get themselves into so much trouble! im sure your as bad as me celine and get in enough.


  16. fish friday is fish and chips yes. but not nice chip shop ones so its not the same. but the girls always have to have it im not sure why. but im living with 5 other girls next year so i guess it doesnt matter. lol

    you need a super rich bf celine! then you wont have to work so much. marry a hollywood star.

    i wasnt in the fight not that it was one. my friend was saying she'd come h

  17. oh gosh london is full of them. much better than here so many boys in bands. there are plenty of gross boys to though. are you in your first or second year right now?

    though you should go to paris to, i love paris. ive always wanted to go on a romantic trip there.

    have you seen that forgetting sarah marshall film? im invited to see it tomorrw and im not 100% sure. russell brand is in it.

  18. not he just had the same name. and i ended up becoming bff with a lead singer.

    your overdrawn? do you have time for two jobs i would die of tiredness. but college is even more expensive over there right?

    are you still an intern anywhere?


  19. as its fish friday at the hub :/. i dont even eat there but still apparently thats a reason! so that means i will break my sober streak this weekend! im sure you already did that for me at the viper room though?. haha. there called we smoke cigs or we smoke fags im not sure. there was some major drama that night celine! my friend nearly got beaten up by this girl as she thought she was

  20. celine you should move here at the clubs i go to its like indie boy indie boy ugly boy chav. but still indie boys :). however its cold and grey here and you have to wear jumpers alot. so maybe id stay in la if i were you. i dont know if there filming the hills right now but my friend and i are going to watch it tomorrow when i go back my friends have persuaded me to go back two days earlier

  21. the viper room sounds really fun, and it has live bands. i am on some wierd bands blog as when they were playing at a club i was at the lead singer filmed me talking to him :/. i look so drunk and my tongues blue from vodka slush!

    have fun at class? any the hills sightings recently? haha


  22. i still can't believe trey from satc is in it and hes old! ive started my essay its 2000 words ive done about 800 not to bad. my social life isnt that great i still have plenty of nights in my pjs with some ice cream with my friends. im not allowed out properly till after my exams now i dont even have to work which means ill be poor. im done on may 17th :)!

  23. hes not my boyfriend just a friend. lol. i dont really do boyfriends. but he is a indie boy! i dont know what it is about skinny jeans and that hair but i am like yumm. but if i was there it'd be like come out so i would. instead im doing my essay and watching desperate housewives

  24. ps. hope there were lots of indie boys ;)

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