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  1. after may 17th im going wild. but the problem is everyone else will be revising then as my exams are way early. its sunny here to!

    omg celine dawsons is so good! my friend and i are watching it all and were now on season 4. if you lived here id make you watch it.

    how was the prada store get kicked out of there? haha


  2. celine! have you been shoplifting you winona you. hhaha. and smirnoff apple well at least its yummy.

    what is beer pong?

    i am hating not going out last night they went to all you can drink! and im not even revising that well my frist exam is a week away. oh dear.

    my friend was even commenting i hadnt been hungover in to long!

  3. Some Costume Institute Gala HQs her hair looks so dark hopefully its some wierd gel or something
  4. from patrickmcmullan unfortunately i don't have an account though.
  5. Raquel was at the MET i have no idea who this guy is though (he is thakoon panichgul the designer of thakoon)
  6. They still might show the models usually show when style.com put there pictures up in a few hours. theres no pictures of any of them yet except stam, amber, kate, kk and gisele:flower: i hope raquels here when i get back from university! edit: and as i know you hate her celine karl took kate bosworth karl take a model!
  7. I know i thought of you thiago :woot: i loved that collection and i love alber and i love liya. i'm sure the news will get a lot of hate/complaining over on tfs but who cares and i would have liked the added snejana as well. also i hope she wears lanvin tonight.
  8. Raquel and Liya will be in the Lanvin FW08 campaign shot by Meisel.
  9. the met is tonight. i think what she wears depends on whos table she is on if she's with Vogue like last year she may have to wear armani as i think her and carol were in vintage balenciaga last year as nicolas was the co host. i'd rather she wore karl than armani though. and hi fery!
  10. was crazy crying at our door last night so we barricaded ourselves in my room whilst they had 'the conversation' it was so embarassing. i also needed the loo and couldnt go as well as we dont have en suite.



  11. it was when pacey and joey get together and we were quite excited as neither of us watched it till chad michael murray was in it.

    lame i know.

    can you hear better now? or have you been taking my gluglug name this week. i didnt even drink at the pub!

    what are you up to this week? there are dramz here atm my friend broke up with his gf who is also basically out neighbour and she

  12. i am not looking forward to my exams. i have decided they should go die.

    he was not trying to impress me well i dont think he was. today we went to the pub for food and im going to revise later. seriously my friend jess and i had a dawsons marathon today and shouted at the tv. so unconstructive. but pacey is so cute!

  13. thiago! i always wanted that book and they used to sell it on amazon. but i spend enough money on books for my stupid degree. celine i am no longer watching kids tv, noone seems to be being very productive though here now were watching the big bang theory! i wish we had a beach to go to like thiago. I wonder what raquel will wear to the met tomorrow. .
  14. ^ eww i hope it wasn't the VS catologue or something involving a wig! anna wintour loves raquel in a black wig the article with it.
  15. Ire

    where are you!?


  16. A campaign in LA i can't wait. thank you thiago! The cover in HQ scanned by xpedro celine you'd be proud of my procrastination right now im watching scooby doo
  17. Raquel should be at the Costume Institute Gala on Monday
  18. central? i want to know about your hussein drawings.

    my muscles dont ache anymore i need to work out asap i had chinese food last night so im so chub!


  19. all my friends are at vodbull tonight which is one of my fave nights out but im being good so im not hungover tomorrow and so i dont eat food at 3am. how was the house of blues?

    eew my friend cooked for me tonight and it was the worst meal ever! never let a boy cook for you im so hungry right now. i just filled up on crisps and cream cake.

    are you out this wkend? or in procrastinatio

  20. celine.

    i am in procrastination central! i think i've forgotten how to properly revise but ive done a bit. my friend and i have been watching the hills and its now even more fake. you have a friend from utah? and got shouted at by club promoters trust you celine!

  21. celine i am procrastinating. the whole of my floor has gone out and me and one friend stayed to revise and we are watching gossip girl (the masked ball episode) and reading the new vogue. alexandra shulman needs to put raquel in british vogue :trout: and i do drink to much vodka and lemonade! but no vodka till after my exams. and you say its green tea celine.. and just out of tradition. i wish raquel gets a good french campaign (its already announced so were not being greedy ) and i want our nice suprise that the booker said we'd get this month soon!
  22. A strange unprinted Raquel for Vogue US posted by taben at tfs and where is ire? :trout:
  23. ^ celine i was going to tell you off for drinking to much vodka. but i can't talk i like your sunglasses!
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