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  1. Thank you sooooooooooo much francy for all your scans
  2. are you going away this summer right now? not that you need to living somewhere with a beach! anyway i better go to bed after all my slush drinks and i have that song in my head! hahaga


  3. there were no hot boys at all though, only mu flatmate who doesnt count! why does fidm finish so late? my flat girls are pretty crazy but none came out last night as for some reason my exams finished way earlier than anyone elses. have you been going to any crazy beach parties?

    im jealous of the heatwave its cold here but it looks like it may be getting sunnier so i can work on my tan.

  4. i cant belive that i know her! did you ever go and see the ting tings? i saw them ages ago at a festival there really good live. i havent been to sleep yet as my friend and i were talking in the kitchen for ages, i had fun though but have lost my ability to hold my alcohol so i got drunk really fast.

  5. OMG celine! i know one of those girls. the one at the front with the frizzy hair she went to my school! hahahha.

    im glad to say i have never done that as im not in a swimming team. when i go swimming i always end up fighting with my friend abbie as we both have dyed blonde hair and if you get to much chlorine in it it goes green. so no crazyness

  6. celine! hows your head?

    if you ever come to england/birmingham i will make you an ice lolly vodka drink they are so yummy!


  7. ^ wow that is gorgeous! thank you francy.
  8. celine! you drunkard im jealous of the margarita! i'm going out tonight (i never went home) and we're making ice lolly cocktails! hows the hangover? and raquel and isabeli look gorgeous!
  9. have you found any hottie indie boys lately?

    i havent seen any for to long just the shirtless boys outside my flats window. the heatwave is gone now so i cant sunbathe its raining which sucks!

    i wish i lived in la! how is the korean store?


  10. im still jealous you went to prada on rodeo we dont have a prada store in bham! i want to go to a chanel store. what have you been up to celine? been partying? i will have crazy stories soon.

    and dawsons creek is good! you would love it celine im going to watch it with the rasberry muffins i made later. they are so good.

  11. i think i better try some beer pong celine! we usually play i never or ring of fire i never is so bad as sometimes i just drink as im thirsty.

    im not going out for a few days though as im going home as everyone else has exams. im going to be fed!

  12. ^ I probably didn't but thank you guys! i don't care as i'm freeee! and about pirelli malgosia may be hidden by an elephant fery? and a streetstyle. she looks a little strange here.
  13. thiago messages arent working for me

    but this is cryptic enough for you.

    on tfs' model behaviour thread it said something about half of dnas board moving to IMG!


  14. the booker never said why it would be a great month there are still reasons it could be. andddddd my exams are done my one today was so bad i had to get up at 5am to revise. so now i can gluglgulug as celine puts it and shop!
  15. I hope shes there, i dont know what she'll do in the show though as sasha has the lookbook/campaign but it'd be nice to see her walk or open/close
  16. How was everyones tests? i have two to go! thank you for the scans francy! celine you'll be proud i turned down alcohol as i cant go out until saturday im going to go shopping on sunday as im rich as ive spent no money on taxis/alcohol/club entrances and chanel cruise tomorrow
  17. ^ good luck to francy! I am not looking forward to mine, England had to have a heatwave!
  18. celine thiago i am revising my first exams tomorrow, i hate revising though and have forgotten how to do it. :judge: i will drop in here occasionally to take my mind off reviison but i have 9 hours of exams between wed and sat. and i hope raquel is at chanel cruise! i don't think she did Dior.
  19. thank you francy for the article and the fendi scan celine im procrastinating and my first exams on wednesday im going to be good and go revise in the sun as in a week im done!
  20. Ire you can't go (not unless you come back eventually it's not the same on bz without you!) celine your getting everything these days Animale FW 2008 scanned by Leonardo
  21. Ire! your here welcome back! thank you for the congrats im quite excited! and its chanel cruise next thursday. :innocent:
  22. Raquel x 3 (i got celine these pictures )
  23. for celine and well done on the book, and guess what guys i got another job in an art gallery today! i now have two jobs !
  24. thank you! <3

    i saw your signature i hope everything is ok with you and that you and your gorgeous baby are well :)


  25. ps. where is irene? is she coming back!

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