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  1. Thank you :)

    Happy Birthday for last saturday! Hope you had a great day.

  2. celine you should move here at the clubs i go to its like indie boy indie boy ugly boy chav. but still indie boys :). however its cold and grey here and you have to wear jumpers alot. so maybe id stay in la if i were you. i dont know if there filming the hills right now but my friend and i are going to watch it tomorrow when i go back my friends have persuaded me to go back two days earlier

  3. as its fish friday at the hub :/. i dont even eat there but still apparently thats a reason! so that means i will break my sober streak this weekend! im sure you already did that for me at the viper room though?. haha. there called we smoke cigs or we smoke fags im not sure. there was some major drama that night celine! my friend nearly got beaten up by this girl as she thought she was

  4. not he just had the same name. and i ended up becoming bff with a lead singer.

    your overdrawn? do you have time for two jobs i would die of tiredness. but college is even more expensive over there right?

    are you still an intern anywhere?


  5. I hope you enjoyed your celebrations also!

    Happy 2008! :)

  6. Well in the first year at my uni you live in like a dorm then after that you have to live in a house. and the rent is way expensive! it practically is in the ghetto with lots of pubs and takeaways. i usually just bum of my mum in

  7. oh gosh london is full of them. much better than here so many boys in bands. there are plenty of gross boys to though. are you in your first or second year right now?

    though you should go to paris to, i love paris. ive always wanted to go on a romantic trip there.

    have you seen that forgetting sarah marshall film? im invited to see it tomorrw and im not 100% sure. russell brand is in it.

  8. the holidays and feel guilty. i havent been to a good club opening before so im excited. your lucky to be able to go to the beach it was snowing here yesterday! my friend is so lucky being able to cook well for guys, they are like charmed by her

  9. fish friday is fish and chips yes. but not nice chip shop ones so its not the same. but the girls always have to have it im not sure why. but im living with 5 other girls next year so i guess it doesnt matter. lol

    you need a super rich bf celine! then you wont have to work so much. marry a hollywood star.

    i wasnt in the fight not that it was one. my friend was saying she'd come h

  10. if i try to cook for a boy or girl something usually burns as i get distracted or im being silly. aaw at the aa tshirt!thank you. have fun at the beach i expect to share drinking stories. hahah


    ps. 12 hours! :/

  11. here to see the organiser in the toilets and this girl came up to her. and then when the girl came out of the loos my friend was talking to her bf. and she went crazy! my friend did not know who this guy was. there are some wierdos here.

    hope your friends dont get themselves into so much trouble! im sure your as bad as me celine and get in enough.


  12. missing you celine!

    and lol at we smoke fags in your list.


  13. i do not say 'safe' often lol!. omg celine you have to watch skins i watch it every monday even boys love it! i used to like it as people said i looked like cassie but now i just like it! its more realistic than gossip girl though. but i love that show! sunset sounds good though.

  14. thiago messages arent working for me

    but this is cryptic enough for you.

    on tfs' model behaviour thread it said something about half of dnas board moving to IMG!


  15. :) I'm happy to be back!

    Happy New Year Ire!


  16. my friend and i got hailed on the other day when we watched hot rod. do you like andy samberg? he makes me laugh so much.

    hope you are being more productive than lazy me! are you back at fidm? i go back next week


  17. celine we never went to kfc! hah we went to nandos instead which is way more expensive. i wish i could get some shifts at my new job its been two weeks now :(. its annoying as i want the money. and my mum just gave me that lecture you cannot control your spending you dont need any new clothes balh blah

  18. i totally did! and there so pretty. i didnt spend that much anyway. summer here is officially june-august but we get hot weather randomly and then a day later it rains. how was your memorial day? in october you have to practically be an eskimo as its cold! in october we just start our first semester

  19. celine.

    i am in procrastination central! i think i've forgotten how to properly revise but ive done a bit. my friend and i have been watching the hills and its now even more fake. you have a friend from utah? and got shouted at by club promoters trust you celine!

  20. celine! have you been shoplifting you winona you. hhaha. and smirnoff apple well at least its yummy.

    what is beer pong?

    i am hating not going out last night they went to all you can drink! and im not even revising that well my frist exam is a week away. oh dear.

    my friend was even commenting i hadnt been hungover in to long!

  21. your festivals sound fun! esp the one in san diego, who esle is playing? raves are usally fun but i prefer all night ones rather than days. i dont exactly go to any in squats though as im not a pillhead hahhah. and you can have glowsticks!ok ill uplaod it to photobucket and try that link!stupid thing.

  22. all my friends are at vodbull tonight which is one of my fave nights out but im being good so im not hungover tomorrow and so i dont eat food at 3am. how was the house of blues?

    eew my friend cooked for me tonight and it was the worst meal ever! never let a boy cook for you im so hungry right now. i just filled up on crisps and cream cake.

    are you out this wkend? or in procrastinatio

  23. after may 17th im going wild. but the problem is everyone else will be revising then as my exams are way early. its sunny here to!

    omg celine dawsons is so good! my friend and i are watching it all and were now on season 4. if you lived here id make you watch it.

    how was the prada store get kicked out of there? haha


  24. i am so excited for kanye! and kind of for jay z. and well pretty much everything else.

    and that video will not uplaod to youtube!

    are you having a fun wkend? i am now off to play mario on nintendo 64 with my best friends boyfriend. so much fun!


  25. central? i want to know about your hussein drawings.

    my muscles dont ache anymore i need to work out asap i had chinese food last night so im so chub!


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