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  1. Lyon

    Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  2. huhu! aus welchem teil bayerns bistn du?

  3. That's not fair. Is Israel really so dangerous?
  4. Ahh Hallo jemand deutsches
  5. Umbrella-Ella-Ella-Eh-Eh-Eh :x How can a song be played so often? oO
  6. @Ange: My favourite Models are Bianca Balti, Daniela Freitas, Lilly Donaldson & Hana. I hope I answered your question right @KBIII: Thank you @Sahara: Yess, They're awesome. But I never went to a concert, that's a pity. MCR don't want to come to Bavaria I think, and FOB were but I missed them...
  7. Aww I want the new White Stripes CD too, but in Germany I think you can't buy it now My last: [From First To Last - Dear Diary My Teenangst Has A Bodycount]
  8. Oh my gosh I'm disgusted I love HSM so much. I think 50cent sucks...
  9. @Foxy Cleopatra: I made a siggy from vlada. Do you have a video of vlada or sasha in mpeg? Then I can try to make you a motion avi Hope you like the siggy.
  10. I'm German and a little bit Polish.
  11. @kadu: Brazil, boring? I can't imagine that. I ever thought Brazil is full of things you can do. You've german forfathers, thats great. Do you speak German? Even though Germany is boring, I love it, but I'd like to move to USA or UK when I've graduated Oh you should listen to more songs. They're just great. This Ain't A Scene & Thnks fr th mmrs (singles of their new cd) are very amazing. @ange: salut ca va? (my French isn't really good) Yeah I voted. For Hana. Love her <3 @midnight lady: thank you. Yes I really had and I'm sure I will have @mesmel: Ah thank you.
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