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  1. funkyflamingo


    hey watsup lolita. i m fine I like the models from the 00's but after 07 it was kinda of predictable ex: marisa miller, bar and now brooklyn decker. but i irina s. was going to get the cover this year or next year but anne v.or jessica white, or daniella should get a cover b/c they have been on si for a long time. And i thought also Ana BB was going to get a cover. I lost more interest after beyonce. but congrats to brooklyn decker.
  2. funkyflamingo


    ^ but now si is ok but i like that its more diverse. i thought lucia was going to be in this year issue.
  3. funkyflamingo


    thanks veronika for the welcome and i m bummed that petra isn't in si
  4. funkyflamingo


    hey guys and gals shes on the cover of SI book called Heaven by Walter Iooss http://www.amazon.com/Sports-Illustrated-S...9185&sr=8-1
  5. thanks tinkerbell and petralove!
  6. thanks petralove and anna
  7. i dunno but i know shes doing a documentary called Love Evolution.
  8. thanks prettyphile and laidora
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