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  1. Thanks I think the name is actually Amani Marco, got more results on google image search.
  2. Actually, she has quite a lot of pictures on this site. Some even covered topless. https://www.123rf.com
  3. I was wondering if there is a search engine/database where you name a model and get results with similar models (maybe focused on their faces). Like these music maps, where you pic your favourite band/artist and it shows you what other bands/artists are similar. I guess such thing does not exist, at least not available to the public? Or does it?
  4. Well, seems like you are right. Thanks! But she looks quite different in the few other pics that exits. (not as hot as I expected) And strangely, her name is not listed in the magazine.
  5. This pic is from Supermodel Magazine issue 070 They've listed a lot of model names on the third page. I googled all of them, none looked like her. Does anyone know her name?
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