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  1. aww haha dont worry! actually enjoy it while u can! its better being 16!!! hahaha!

  2. aww is that ur puppy Angie??

  3. aww thanks :0) and yess thats me!!! i was a very chubby baby hahah! yeah but seriously i think i would look more south american than what i really am lol!

  4. aww thanks thats very sweet of u! <3

  5. haha i even forgot about that! but yeah sure u can use ur pics :) btw thank u! <3

  6. haha i even forgot about that..but its alright, schools so stressful for me too nowdays! just finished finals but then again theres soo much hw and stuff....but yeah how are things with u going?

  7. haha im sure u will! so whats up? how's school going?

  8. haha no i dont have one! i use to but i closed it like 3 times lolll!

  9. haha yeah im seriously going to try it one of these days! and ill let u know what they say...cuz im sure they take this kind of stuff into consideration. hope they come up with another event like this!!!!

  10. haha yeah ur nationality. =)

  11. haha yes i remember u! where are u from?

  12. hahaa chubby babys are the cutest!!! awww lol! and im 19. how old are u??

  13. hahah i know! i HATE getting up im like always latee!!!! hahah but yeah that would be cool! u have a myspace?

  14. hahaha i know i felt the same way! But trust me id wanna go back to being 16 lol...anyways, how's school going for you??

  15. hehe Happy birthday adriana! lol i love her! just felt like writing it he cuz we're like one of the biggest fans! lol!! =)

  16. heheh ur welQome! =p

  17. heyy hunn! how are ya?

  18. I Loveeeee ur set!!! its gorgeous!

  19. Im from Pakistan, how about you? btw im soooo upset cause I wanted to see Adriana today! =((((

  20. Im good hun, how are you?

  21. It's awesome! i love it :)

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