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  1. Meghan was an Aircraft Mechanic in the US Navy, and deployed twice on the USS Carl Vinson. She has brains as well as beauty and talent, she studied Creative Writing at Full Sail University. http://www.meghanchadeayne.com http://brokendollmodels.com/brokendoll.php?userid=7089 https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5199756/
  2. Anyone know this model's name? She has a star tattoo on right forearm near elbow and a tattoo on her left shoulder blade. https://goo.gl/images/uUZeqp https://goo.gl/images/JcoA9M https://goo.gl/images/oMfnNS http://www.calichic.com/cali-chic-juniors-swimsuit-celebrity-waterproof-neoprene-triangle-wet-suit-bikini/#PhotoSwipe1529623862410 http://www.calichic.com/cali-chic-juniors-swimsuit-celebrity-waterproof-neoprene-triangle-wet-suit-bikini/#PhotoSwipe1529623862410 https://goo.gl/images/oMfnNS https://goo
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