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  1. I agree. Make a small, cheap phone with all the shit cut out. I care more about the size and ergonomics more that the ability to play mp3's. Same with cameras. I think theres a gap in the market for cheap, polished, small, functionally perfect point/click cameras for people to muck about with. As far as I know noone produces these, they all just concentrate on having the most megapixels and stuff unnecessary to casual consumers.
  2. Jesus christ Who knows what USC 2257 is!? Who looks for sites that are compliant with USC bloody 2257!? They don't make their money out of people perving at the pictures. It helps with PR but the website is basically an advert for their shit, why the fuck would they charge for it?! Increase sales of what anyway?
  3. Gone? I liked reading about his progress as a budding photographer. I salute you, jet-set flashbulb fella.
  4. Get a grip, it's 1 corona. Not llike she's caned off her nut like very other 'teen starrrr'. And it's not.
  5. Worrr, i like this one, she looks almost statuesque.
  6. Ive got a screensaver where it flicks through my pics. Quite distracting/hypnotic. Isn't option 3 pretty much the same as option 1 by the way?
  7. Hmmm he seems like a fairly stand up guy to me.
  8. depends on how bored i am but normally: models, general stuff and other random stuff and nyc_rocks. Sometimes i just login then logout again cos i decide i cant be arsed.
  9. His theory is surely applicable to all clothing and cosmetics brands, not just VS. I've never seen an ad with an ugly model or an "everywoman" type of person.
  10. "British" and "American" are not accents in themselves. You could say that an accent is from britain [eg cockney] but you couldn't call it the british accent. It's just 1 of maaaany varying accents.
  11. Football Manager 2006, but only when I'm meant to be studying. Annoying. The odd game of Counterstrike Source, but i'm pretty shit at it really.
  12. Welll my plan to drink in moderation, and less in general, is going swimmingly. How's the quitting smoking/BZ/food/lazyness/procastination/masturbation going? Oh yeah, and the extra studying too?
  13. kefff is


    I didn't really mean it to come out like that, sorry; wasn't meant to cause offence at all.
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