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  1. sakhmet


    I know I haven't been here in such a long long time because of my new job and new living location, but here are a couple links where you can download the 2005 vs fashion show if you use a bittorrent client. The 2005 Victorias Secret Fashion Show HR HDTV AC3 5 1 XviD-442 [eztv] (699.37mb) Victorias Secret Fashion Show HDTV XviD-UMD [eztv] (345.74mb)
  2. Doh, that's sweet-lady's new avatar. Hehe. That's not the one I was looking for, but thanks for posting that one! =D
  3. Yep, I've been gone for a long time. Really busy! Hehe. Glad to be back tho and see the lovely pics of Adriana. No one can find the pic yet? Shame, cuz she's got such a lovely smile there.
  4. Heya. Does anyone have sweet lady's avatar in a bigger/fuller picture? I haven't been able to find it on the forums or online.
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