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  1. {name}

    Marisa Miller

    I too think Marisa Miller is not only an AMAZING MODEL, but a wonderfully down to earth woman. She speaks very well; I downloaded her sports Illustrated 2007 video from itunes. It's great and really gives you an idea of who she is, what a shoot is like, and her funny sense of humor. She is definitely is a roll model for me and my friends ! ROCK ON MARISA !!
  2. {name}

    Marisa Miller

    I didn't react to JS being overrated. I related to Marisa Miller being overrated. That's my opinion. It's personal because it's mine, of course. I still question ...naysayers who visit a Marisa Fan Forum or any other model's fan forum and diminish them or diss them. That is my" tension". The " get lost" is directed to that practice. No profanities or hatred. Just get lost and camp at your favorite model's forum and glory in all their splendor. Love and tension filled kisses, Brock