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  1. Wow!! these are so rare, I've never seen these before
  2. I guess shes still in netherlands with her family. If she were in NYC, the Paparazzi definitely would go after her
  3. Thank You @ArianaVSCouture The Versace ones look like she was walking on stars. So surreal and stunning💞💞💞
  4. Hahaha. not him. His a fan of Colette but Karolina is his favorite
  5. OMGGGGGGGGGG!! I can not believe my eyes!!!! Carmen & Colette look so beautiful! Thank you so much!! And I'm going to tell my friend, hes a huge fan of Colette! He's been looking for Colette's HQ Runway for years Thanks again! @ArianaVSCouture
  6. @ArianaVSCouture Did you happen to collect the images of Valentino Ready to wear fall/winter 2000? It's my all-time favorite show. Every look is a absolute masterpiece and those models look beyond elegant and fabulous. But I never get to see the HQ images of this show. Since you are a expert of early runway, I'm wondering If you could help me? And by the way, I've been following this thread for nearly two years and I love here so much! Thank you guys so much for your wonderful job. Please keep going💞💞
  7. @sanja Can't wait!! These look soooo stunning❤️❤️❤️
  8. Oh wow! Thanks for the new images I'm so glad that I can help Your are truly one of my favorite bloggers. I'm so grateful that two years ago I accidentally found u and contacted u💞
  9. @ArianaVSCouture I just sent it to you!! Go check your message inbox. That's a very long list. Hopefully it doesn't cunsume too much of your energy😅
  10. Thank u @ArianaVSCouture listen, I happen to got a list of her early runway work and I wonder if it will be helpful to you...I can send it to u if u need So there's part of that list Spring 1997 Alberto Biani Angela Missoni Comme des Garcons Daryl K Dolce & Gabbana Enrico Coveri lceberg Lawrence Steele Marc Eisen Marc Jacobs Martine Sitbon Masaki Matsushima Maska Miu Miu Philosophy di Alberta Ferreti Ter Et Bantine Versus Fall 1997 Alberta Ferretti Alberto Biani Angela Missoni Anna Molinari Anna Sui Atsuro
  11. Oh my.... There's nothing to sorry for😅 I also love the other post that you've made. Those 90s runways are just so rare and fascinating. I love them all so thank u for bringing us those magic
  12. Oh wow, can't believe u still remember this thread. It's always a pleasure to see ur new post @ArianaVSCouture💞💞💞 I even collect every image that u.post. They are just so precious
  13. I guess thats business secret and they won't tell us, but thx for the idea tho
  14. So the PR of hunkemoller in China just contacted us(we run a fanpage of DK on Chinese social media for years)and told us that there would be a promotional interview They ask us if we have any questions for her. So any thoughts you guys would like to provide?
  15. OMG, I thought it was her channel and literally cried out loud She hasn't uploaded her youtube channel for a WHOLE month! Miss her sooooo much😭😭😭
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