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  1. You are such a kind human being, thank you so much Ariana💕💕💕
  2. Dolce&Gabbana Fall/Winter 2008
  3. Hermes Spring/Summer 2007
  4. Donna Karan Fall/Winter 2006
  5. Valentino RTW SS 2000 *digitally remastered* she looks so beautiful and innocent in this show, I wish I could find some HQ pics!
  6. Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2004
  7. Chanel Spring/Summer 2008
  8. Oh my! Please don't, everybody makes mistakes, it's very normal. Plus we are so lucky to have you here
  9. wow! this is so rare to me thank u for uploading She also did the Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign in this look. but I've always thought it's a Spring/Summer campaign(I don't know why but somehow I fail to upload upload any images here)
  10. Thank you two for the lovely pictures, Angela looks as stunning as always @ArianaVSCouture @KarolinaLover❤️❤️❤️
  11. @KarolinaLoverWow, thank u for sharing these with us! Angela KK and Carmen are the three of my all time favorite models💞💞💞
  12. Oh wow, she is beyond stunning here Thanks for sharing with us @KarolinaLover
  13. Always a pleasure to see vintage runway collections Thank you so much Ariana❤️
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