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    Thanks for the pics. And Funky I love your avatar, Shin Chan is great. Its too bad they don't play it more regularly.
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    Petra at airport http://www.tmz.com/tmz_main_video?titleid=1119252129
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    Somebody has a bad virus on one of those links, it tries to get you to download active x and your Window's explorer closes. They are Bloodhood and Downloader!
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    yeah I know its not her, but was just refering to the earlier posts of olga
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    The video isn't great, but that looks like his car. Whether they did the dirty or anything at all is bad. No matter how strong of a woman you are it still bugs you when there are rumors about him cheating. That's going to put a major strain on the relationship. I'm not saying he did, but there is a pattern in the press that he is a cheater. People say he cheated on his ex with Nemcova, I think once a cheater always a cheater. My other point is there is no trust once you know some has cheated its probably going to be in the back of your mind. Without trust its hard to have any relationship. I feel bad for Petra, but I think James was a bad choice in the first place. But I still feel bad for her cause she seems like a really good person.
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    you don't have to thank me, it confuses me because I think there are new hot pics of petra . If I find anything i'll share the "wealth". Your very welcome, thanks for being courtesy. Yeah her hair looks better brown, but she looks good in anything. That woman could make a trash bag look fashionable.
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    I found these on a website while surfing the web: http://www.unique-one.com/
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    James Blunt and Petra Run over a guy www.tmz.com http://www.tmz.com/2007/02/26/blunt-and-pe...n-fan/#comments real smart on both ends. How the heck do you not know you ran somebody over? I honestly think there is something wrong there. My other question is does anybody think those two are a weird couple, i'm not talking about "he's ugly blah blah" I mean body language. Every time I see those two it seems like they are posing, not relaxed with each other or just plain not interested. I like Petra and I hope she's happy, but I think something is up am I the only one?"