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  1. Hang on one second i have to clean this mess. HAHA....

  2. Thanks im fine. Revenge is indeed a funny thing. MWahahahaaa....

    Im going to a University in San Jose but originally from Southern California - Los Angeles. You ?

  3. Dude. Thanks for the show.

  4. Wow, i always thought its a tropical country

  5. *slaps you* , very hard. BAD BOY !!!

  6. very nice looking Avatar mesmel. :drool:

  7. Why suuure... I can sign on your butt too...

  8. OK. For the sake of Angie. *slices Anthonywhatever into pieces and sends them to Persuazn*

  9. There you go, 3 stars >:3 . I just gave you 5 stars. But anyway, i think its the ranking how bad we are, so you might dont want alot of stars, HAHAHA...

  10. yeah, im that bored.... *yawns*

  11. Uh oh, here we go again ....

  12. How come I don't see any "post more" anywhere ?!! Do you see it ?!! :whistle:

  13. Dont worry Jennka, we can carry naked Paris in front of us, cover our sensitive spots HAHAA.... i bet he loves to watch Paris's instead....

  14. where have you been !!!

  15. can i slap you in Nursing uniform then ??

  16. Where have you been ???

  17. Thanks KBIII for my 3 stars. A**HOLE !!! ;)

  18. Happy Birthday, big boy.

  19. You wont wanna, i wont return it back to you !!!! :P . I've been to France when i was 10. It was awsome.

  20. at least they r sexy !!!! :sex:

  21. Happy Birthday, To The Star.

  22. Errr....*slaps*

  23. what did you send me? can't see it. It'd better be a hot naked dude.

  24. blah, readers, dont cae about the stars, just care about the depth of my soul. :innocent looking:


    BEEN WAITING FOR YOU :persuazn:


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