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  1. Maybe Sam means those are barely enough for her breakfast, wildrose.!
  2. Looking for this one in HQ, who can quench my thirst ?!!
  3. Didn't the the little star in her wrist tell you anything, RJ TAYLER ?!! It's Gis.. *well, since he doesn't know....* IT'S MEE!!!
  4. OOh Sam, that's pretty damn gooood. I smell $
  5. How come I don't see any "post more" anywhere ?!! Do you see it ?!! :whistle:

  6. Omg liek... ruuun 4 teh hillls b4 itt geeets u Sam.
  7. Mmm... maybe i should save Irene some time....
  8. BAHA, i'll try for you then... :whistle:

  9. dude, my msn sucks so much ass. I don't think i could ever use it again...

  10. Yup, and only Selita can make expensive clothes look cheap. Anyway, new Andi's pictures ?!
  11. Not much. but i'm planning teasing more people. BAHA.

  12. I meant i'm "alive" :P

  13. Unlike you, i'm alike and live well. You're awfully quiet recently!!! :persuazn:

  14. Yeah man. I'm running over there now. "blue for joker"... BAHAHHAHAHA..... That's AWSOME!!!

  15. Know what i think ?!! I think if Gisele, Tyra or Naomi were there, Heidi wouldn't have to gut to act like a hyper whore on drug like that. It's a girl thing.
  16. Indeed, just like Lawrence of Arabia... I don't have the urge to watch much of men. That's why i'm making this change.
  17. {name}


    Happy birthday Uncle Mike. Yeah well, surpriiisee!!! I've bought you a little some-some. [wrapped]a walking cane[/wrapped] Of course i'm just kidding, BAHA!!!
  18. [italian]I think we'll never get there....[/italian]
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