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  1. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: You know it looks more like an ancient egyptian lady :rofl: :rofl:

  2. :rofl: :rofl: OOOhhh, im so scared. *shakes ass*.

    And EWWW....HAHAHA look who was in your visitors list earlier...YUCK!!!!

  3. :ROFL: ....whos on your side now Matty ??

  4. :rofl: Dude, you must have a lot of haters. :rofl:

  5. :rofl: Excuse me that was only for one side. I have to work my ass off for another side of mine first :rofl: :rofl:

    And work for your own properties :persuazn:

  6. :rofl: HAHAHA... dirty mouth ...HAHAA... Im Heather :)

  7. :rofl: I helped my sister moving. We'r moving :P

  8. :rofl: im not cheating on him with you. Im talkin to his mom right now. SUCH-A-BORING-LADY !!! *hopes she doesnt know what im doin oveh here* HAHAHA....

  9. :rofl: My avatar looks kickass HAHAHA... No, why ?? Is she put into jail also ??

  10. :rofl: Nice try, captain.

  11. :rofl: oh boy. Just be careful, dont go to the dark at night...

  12. :rofl: OMG i didnt see the "-" before the "5" :rofl:

  13. :rofl: sorry baby. Im cold.

  14. :rofl: sweetheart, Its a quote from the devil wears prada...

  15. :rofl: That's not dirty, that's nasty !!! You wont be alive if my mom saw that amusing scene *stares*

  16. :rofl: Thats my job.

    Oh, and i saw your comment on the thread i made for KBIII. Brilliant. :rofl:

  17. :rofl: yes bee, and dont forget the Jingle Bell song HAHAHA....

  18. :rofl: YESSSS :persuazn:

  19. :rofl: your peanut and your brain are the same size !!! :rofl:

  20. :shifty: ... Im bugs bunny. I hope you still remember... HAHAHA.... but shhh.... :shifty: . Good to see you here.

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