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  1. If the Photographers would mind about quality, they could do the compression by themselves to meet the specifications of IG and upload images with a much better quality. So, they don't mind, upload their original images and let the compression do by the IG-Servers which use an algorithm that is only oriented on the dimensions and the file-size. If someone is interested in more details about this topic, I can do an extensively explanation about it. But as I don't want to bore the majority of the users here, I'll only write it as an answer to a PM.
  2. The above is the result of "Generation Instagram" where Smartphone-Manufacturers tell their clients that they have a "Camera" built into their Phone. Simply the pure Physics tell every reasonable Person that the quality can't be much better than that of a Pinhole-Camera. Only very complex image-processors can do a little enhancement. But only very expensive Smartphones do have those.
  3. It's called "implied" (Genitalia and Nipples hidden) Nudity
  4. As far as I remember, not within the last few years...
  5. Ouch! Rarely saw such a bad Editotial!
  6. The first, second and third were already posted at 19th of July by Neurovibe but it was in low res. The last one and the topless one in the Archive seems to be new. Ph.: Elena Kunitcyna • Source: Portraitsofgirls.com All the files in original plus one topless: AnastasiyaScheglova_ElenaKunitcyna.rar
  7. Wish you good luck and plenty of HD-space Looks like they have somewhat of a rotation every 4 hours
  8. Today I was lucky and could do a few screen-recordings. Unfortunately I missed a few seconds at the start of the first two clips. Additionally there is at least one more clip of her, which I missed. Here some caps of the clips:
  9. There are exclusive and non-exclusive licenses at some sites. Here it seems to be exclusive, which means that you are the only one who will get a license. After that the clip is "sold out" and no more available. Others sell a certain number of licenses (non-exclusive) which makes it cheaper the more licenses are sold. Those licenses include all costs of producing such a clip (photographing, editing, cutting, location, model-fee and distribution). Seeing it from this angle, the price isn't too high.
  10. Found one from Dmitry Borisov from his 500px Can't remember having seen this one here. Apologies if it's a duplicate seems to be a reworked version of this one
  11. On her "Youpic" I found two additional BW-Images (at the bottom of the site). Unfortunately I could not figure out how to capture them...
  12. Search with google, yahoo or an other search-engine. I don't know if it is ok to post the link here??? Maybe there should be a few images of people who attended these workshops anywhere around... Could be some German Amateur Photographers. Will have to do some research on it. Btw. I'm trying to shoot her by myself for some time now. Hope I can make this happen, but it's quite difficult to get in contact with her. Maybe this guy will help me...
  13. As far as I found out on his Website, he had her in his Studio for single-Workshops at the first few days of February. Just search for his name and "Anastasya" if you want to read about.
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