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  1. does this program still have FTV as a channel? because I just downloaded it and like the poster above me, i can't seem to be able to find the FTV channel
  2. thankssss sha! her legs are amazing!
  3. does anyone have images of her from when she won model of the year at the VH1 Fashion Awards?
  4. aeris


    thank you so much slea and red_ed
  5. does anyone know of any good adriana lima websites to find pictures? also, does anyone know where i can find larger sizes of these images? thanks!
  6. aeris


    or just right-click the link to download http://www.shootfortheedit.com/multimedia/ads/vs_giselle.mov and http://www.shootfortheedit.com/multimedia/...holiday2003.mov
  7. aeris


    i was just wondering if anyone has any larger versions of the images in these last three collages, and also if anyone has any other images from this appearence (other than those already posted). thank you very much - I think she looks absolutely beautiful here! also i'm new here, but this place seems wonderful and chalk-full of adriana fans
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