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  1. Vlada Roslyakova

    FoxyCleopatraa is right. nobody knows. and it's not our job to care about that. don't get me wrong, of course I want vlada to be healthy and happy forevermore. but she is twenty. she's old enough to know what she is doing. btw I would still support her even if she would be anorexic. don't forget this ia a mental illness that you don't "choose" to have. you just get sick. and you can beat anorexia with the right treatment. vlada isn't vlada because of her weight, she is vlada because of character. and I will love and support her come what may
  2. Vlada Roslyakova

    thank you 1000 times for the scans they're great
  3. Vlada Roslyakova

    i guess it looks a bit strange because it was made against the light. but don't you love the thing she is doing with her lips. It reminds me at a cartoonfigure of my childhood. but I forgot the name -.-
  4. Vlada Roslyakova

    the cutest pic ever I love it
  5. Vlada Roslyakova

    here is the editorial. have a nice day
  6. Vlada Roslyakova

    do you know where these pics are from? every pice of info would be great. designer, year, season... thank you
  7. Vlada Roslyakova

    It's the photo that was on the Vogue Nippon March 2007. I love this picture. She looks so beautiful I have this pic on my desktop. Have a look at this wallpaper. I created it cause I needed some vlada-summer-feeling on my pc. Its made for 1280x1024 with a lot of room for all the desk-icons. If you like it, I'll try to bring it to 1024x756 and 800x600