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  1. Thank You. Your so nice. Yea im out here chillin in da SUN livin it up. No ive never been to N.Y. but ive alwayz anted to go.

  2. Yo! Diamond=Heh what a beautiful name-for a beautiful young lady ;-) so sweetheart-u in Cali? ~lOlZ~ im ThUgInG it-hard -here in NyC ~lOlZ~ u been in NyC b4? Yo! boo-come holla back at ya playa-with ur fine ass self! Damn!





  3. Right now im in Cali chillin wit sum homegurlz.

    Thank You Ur so Sweet. ya gurl Diamond<3

  4. Yo! sweetheart=Heh thanks for the compliment ;-)

    so-baby-where you at? Heh= come holla at ya Thug! Damn! U bangin HOT!

    Thug Life

    Holla at ya playa

    Peace ;-)

  5. Hey Boo! Yea datz me in da pic thank you. And I jus wnted to let you kno dat you SEXY<3

  6. Yo! sweetheart-is that U in tha pic? If it is--you are 1 HOT young lady! Damn! ;-) come holla at ya playa! ~lOlz~

    ThUg LiFe

    Peace ;-)

  7. {name}


    T.I. is one SEXY dude I wouldnt mind gettin me a little of dat