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  1. shut up. this isn't the Genevieve fan club. this isn't tumblr or some other bullshit. this is a website to share pictures of hot women in little or no clothing. if you don't like it...why are you here? she sold her content and people who bought it are gonna share it. that's. the. internet. deal with it.
  2. but...but....but....BUT WHAT IF SHE GETS UPSET!????!!!
  3. How was last years treats release handled?? And does anybody have the live stream of her that she did talking about all this?
  4. what the fuck???? are you kidding me right now? wow. this is absolutely ridiculous and no one on this site should be upset of anything that happened.
  5. um...my man use your phone please and thank you hahaha.
  6. really...NO ONE has posted anything anywhere? disappointed my dudes.
  7. ah man....non nude...that's disappointing.
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