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  1. I just saw the movie and didn’t see her too.
  2. The iora


    Wow. Thank you. I love this look.
  3. Well, if i didn’t see her do the workout. I may think that the pregnancy rumour is true and Adri & Metin go to her family for welcoming their daughter.
  4. The iora


    I’m sorry. May I ask pls? Is she no bra?
  5. Well as she said from her IG story. “I want to learn from you”. Let ‘s she learn. And hope that everything will be OK for her. May be he’s a good man. We dont know him well.
  6. Did she pretend to spell wrong of photographer? Photografer which that one used is Indonesian word. Not Portuguese word too. Strange thing happened again when we talked about Metin strange behavior.
  7. And what is his love will win. Win her status, her wealth, her fame, the criticism from her fan, the media. Cause I think he is lower than her in every aspects. What he want his love to be win, if he’ve already won her heart.
  8. If she go to Europe, before she come back to Miami, I think she probably go to Turkey again. This time she won’t pick Metin with her cause he’ll have a several seminars at the beginning of March. It look like when she go to nearby Turkey, he will do something to induce her to meet/pick him. Such as last time during her Maybeline event at Germany, he liked her IG. This time he posted her pic.
  9. The iora


    Is she vegetarian or not?
  10. I think Metin has an event on 15 Feb (from his IG story). I dont think he’ll come to Miami.
  11. It’s nearly Valentine day. I don’t think he will back to Turkey before that day. Anyway he’ll set a seminar in Mar.
  12. But I think she still look happy. I don’t think they broke up may be somthing happened but still not go to that point.
  13. I hope that she’s ok too. I didn’t live in America I wander what was the movie she saw from her IG story yesterday. I think that man look like Metin (his picture on his book).
  14. The iora


    I realy like her skin.
  15. Metin just liked this IG who tagged #adrinalima (wrong spell).
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