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  1. katia thanks for the pics of her and Cristiano! they make such a cute couple!!!and she looks great too
  2. katia i do, and i also hide mine when out because of the cold. But i made the comment because from what we can see her hair looks unkept and i wanted to joke that she hide it because of that. just a naive comment
  3. her face looks stunning as usual but is she hiding her hair?? LOL
  4. i like her very much and i think she is looking better with time and especially since she is with CR
  5. she looks amazing with short hair, it gives her a look of her own that long hair didnt. Before she looked like "barbie" now she is Sylvie. Amazing!
  6. not a fan of her, she has a mean face
  7. she is fine, i think she is currently pregnant
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