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    Lady, listen: You've made a very comfortable living promoting one of the most wasteful industries in the world for the last twenty odd years. You're driving around in gas guzzling SUVs. You've built not one, but two mega mansions, which are the very epitomisation of wastefulness - no matter how much "reclaimed wood" you used building them, or how many PV-panels you put on the roof. Judging from the diets you and your hubby promote, a good portion of what you guys eat doesn't grow within a 3000 mile radius around your home. Every time you set foot on a red carpet you wear a lavish dress nobody will ever wear again. You own properties around the world you rarely use. One of them in the midst of the Costa Rican nature. You go there for your pleasure on a private jet. You are not even remotely living a sustainable life and you are nowhere near to be an environmentalist. Everything you do for an environmental agenda doesn't cost you any inconvenience whatsoever. You are preaching water and drink wine. This award is a joke. If anything, it should be for hypocrisy. P.S.: "we are all connected" is quite a stretch when you're living in a gated community.
  2. And this is the sole reason why she - and for that matter thousands of others female celebrities - get any recognition at all. She's a pretty body - period. Her personality or whatever she has to say is not outstanding enough to justify her place in the limelight. Sweetie, stand there, look pretty, thank you. But please, please spare us your feminist rants whilst your boobs are out. They're highly inauthentic anyway… Not hating, just stating. A rose is a rose is a rose.
  3. Thanks for all the pics!! But why the hell did you mark them as adult content?? No tits or other visible lady parts (sadly), no penises (sadly as well), no other stuff I wouldn't let my kids watch. So where's the point??
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