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  1. cuz she is too good.. or clients are too picky or agency problem? I really hope she is gonna be more famous.
  2. Coverage_720_tzn.mp4 llCoverage03_tzn.mp4
  3. random searched from insta
  4. random from instagram Is anyone who found other her images? Please upload if found. Her beauty made me so happy these days..
  5. y_rose_30.015880.tiff y_rose_30.015924.tiff
  6. @tezenisofficial 88079784_119999772912803_4412119286274554853_n.mp4 88010566_217081539417376_5811314045642726717_n.mp4 87914284_191854265428358_808615363518042329_n.mp4 87911519_2959234900804001_2002732109572209244_n.mp4 87625080_142674673881520_282737622791626467_n.mp4 87473535_1420600701448080_94562032106914737_n.mp4 87394710_185151392810514_5366415852906704960_n.mp4 87297413_493746294862046_7306371180415001167_n.mp4 87041291_102420367980357_4307457788751736345_n.mp4 76497409_2718363368218874_2027721612420949066_n.mp4
  7. Even I'm a female, she is a dream.. so that I'm exploring her images a lot. everyone, Which photo is her best, we have ever seen? I think she looks very strong in classic mood & lighting.
  8. E5E247E1-28B8-45AF-883D-96DE216DB800.MP4
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