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  1. Don't get me wrong. Ale is my favorite model. I can spot the difference between a good bra and implants, and i'm also aware of the changes a woman develops after pregnancy. But in the pics i've posted, there is a clear difference between december 2013 and february 2014. It's not a wardrobe thing. Here, for example, are a few nudes, from "Into the light", taken after 2014. The way the breasts remain all up when she lies in the water is not natural. Warning, nudes here But i'm not criticizing her. I think she's the best!!
  2. A couple pics of Ale in december 2013 Now, Ale on february 2014 The implants are pretty obvious. Breasts are rounder, fuller and skin is very tight. After feeding two kids, it was a great choice. She gained a lot of confidence and is showing the girls very often. I think they look great on her frame, but have a pretty fake appareance.
  3. Ale's silicone boobs are top notch on the last pic.
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    She has implants. On december 2013 after the two kids she was flat and then on february 2014 appeared like this: They look fantastic for me, and they are a great improvement compared with the body that she had before.
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    Great calves and feet on those pics
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    I have to agree with that. Those implants fit perfectly in her frame, and since she put them, she has grown a lot of confidence, even posing naked a a couple of times. Kudos to Ale for the augmentation!!
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