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  1. Awesome! There are two of those I haven't seen before. Thanks!
  2. I saw the ad. It's really dull and nothing to write home about. I wonder if Tori is working less to focus on other things? What a letdown. Thanx, dirrty! I haven't even opened my mag yet so I'll have to do it soon now.
  3. There sure haven't been many new Tori pictures lately. What a summer drought! If it's any consolation, however, the Sports Illustrated calendar and Date Book should be coming out in the next two weeks, and they always feature photos of the models that were not in the Swimsuit Issue. What has she been doing lately? Hopefully she is out doing some great photo shoots!
  4. she is one of the most underrated and greatest models out there; thanks to everyone who is posting these pics!
  5. The new site looks awesome; great job! I am glad Tori is getting some recognition!
  6. Here is the link to the Tori videos I mentioned: http://www.wireimage.com/GalleryListing.as...r=tori%20praver Thanks!
  7. If anyone is interested: Wireimage.com has six videos of Tori being interviewed at the Sport Illustrated event earlier this year. My friend and I tried for about three days to rip them from the site to post here but we weren't able to do it. However, you can go there and watch the videos at least.
  8. Thanks for the vid! This is a great forum!
  9. it's so great to see these pics finally out there for all of Tori's fans! she is the best...let's hope the rest of the world catches on to her greatness in the near future.
  10. this is my favorite new model...she is awesome!
  11. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!
  12. Hi, Can anyone tell me the name of the model featured in the page 174-178 layout titled "Your Getaway Style " in the new July 2007 Glamour (with Katherine Heigl on the cover)? I thought it may be Hannah Davis but I'm not for sure. I don't have a scanner to upload the photos, please accept my apologies. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Hi everyone, I mailed the Guess diary out this morning by Priority Mail, so it should be there in 2-3 days. I will predict that there are two pictures in this book (not currently available on the Web) that everyone will agree are at the top of Tori's greatest hits list. Of course, there are many other great photos as well. Have a great weekend!
  14. Regarding the Guess diary with so many amazing pictures of Tori, I wish I could scan the pics in, but I do not have a scanner. However, I bought two copies of the diary when I was in Miami and would be glad to give someone my extra copy free of charge if they would scan the pics in so everyone could see them. If there is a way someone could send me their address I'll put it in the mail on Monday morning.
  15. these are great, thanks!
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