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  1. I had to log in to view your reply lol. Maybe it is the nudes in this thread. Really was just curious and I won't clutter this thread anymore. Big fan of her eyes!
  2. If I'm not logged in a majority of the posts in this thread say Private Topic. You Must Log in. It is pretty much the only thread I've run across with that. So, the "not supposed to be here is kind of a joke". Wondering about the etiquette. (And, even though I check the "keep me signed in" box it still signs me out every time I close the tab). Again--just curious. Maybe a cultural thing?
  3. So, what is the "Private Topic" deal with--especially--this model? Curious--I'm new here. I can go pages looking at other models and never run into that. This thread...constantly. And mostly it is just a reply to a comment. Not a big deal.Just wondering. (Or am I not supposed to be here!)
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