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    1st - What do you mean with "Plase don't repost and don't reupload my videos, especially not on Youtube!!!"? It's not your clip!!! It's from M-Net (South African Network) and I paid for the complete 34:11min clip of this shooting with all the girls that were involved. They may have sold it to FashionTV. But I'm sure they didn't want either that this is spread around the whole world. Therefore you are infringing copyrights here - thank you for that. Will you bear the consequences? 2nd - It really sucks that everybody on the net is linking Yova's site who's selling merchandise with pictures of her. Not only 'coz I'm sure she doesn't want to be printed on mugs, kitchen clocks and panties but for the fact that her revenues are 0%. I'm sure you all don't give a f**k. But why don't you all start to rip off the rich girls who bore the pants off me instead of such inspiring ones?! For example the brazilian ones. The birthday and the birthplace (not quite correct) are wrongly stated like anywhere else...