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  1. Thanks for the caps from the SHOW!! :)

    Xxx Stephie

  2. I woke up 5:20 am (Germany) I was soooo excited to watch the show there at 7 am and then I read the just support Explorere and Firefox and I tried the thing for mac... (because I have a mac) but it doesn´t work!! So today the day start really bad I could cry!
  3. AMAZING!! JOB!!! I´m in love with it!!
  4. She´s perfect in those pics... Thanks alot JoeKnight!!
  5. Fashiongirl


    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH... AMAZING!!! Wohooooooo I hope someone wil capture it Thanks alot!!
  6. Who´s that guy? Those are amazing pics!! Thanks Julia
  7. Me too!! I´m very angry... I miss her sooooo much! I don´t wanna see Behati and for being honest, she did a BAD job there!! I hope to see Iza tomorrow!!! If not... I will cry
  8. WHERE´S IZABEL!!! Why she isn´t with the other angels of the event?
  9. Which brand/channel did the interview with her? I can´t read it that well!
  10. Oh Thanks!! Could someone capture this vid? Would be great!!
  11. Izabel Goulart nos bastidores do desfile da Raia de Goeye What is she talking about?
  12. It seems Julia is our Izabel key to getting happy lol I wondering... when the video of the is coming...
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