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  1. Shanina looked out of this world! I love her face and her walk šŸ˜
  2. YAY for Elsa looking hot afffff
  3. Omg Adri! Iā€™m about to cry
  4. exactly what I was thinking
  5. I seriously don't understand why Martha is an angel... I'm sorry but she's so meh, so plain. Of course she's beautiful and tall and everything else but she lacks charisma. I really don't want her to close anything loool, I can't forget her awkward moment last year in Shanghai closing one segment lmao
  6. AHAHAHAH! They can't handle the truth
  7. Aiiii, it's getting too real the fact that Adriana is leaving
  8. I,M DEAAAAD! She looks amazing ā¤ļø
  9. lol this is so sad šŸ˜‚
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